Iran’s Foreign Ministry urges Muslim world support for Palestine

Tehran, IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday in a statement on the occasion of the Nakba Day, which marks the anniversary of the illegitimate Zionist regime of Israel, that the only way to secure the rights of the Palestinians is the support of Governments and Muslim nations from resistance against the occupiers.

 In a statement marking Nakba Day (May 15), the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that this day is a reminder of the occupation , genocide and displacement of  main owners of the Palestinian land by usurpers and Zionist occupiers and the start of a systematic procedure is the widespread violation of the Palestinians natural rights .

The statement added that the criminal Zionists,  in this day, supported by some Western powers, usurped the Holy Land of Palestine  by force, through murder and looting, and established under the foundation of insecurity and permanent instability in the region of western Asia.

 Iran’s Foreign Ministry in its statement, said that the anniversary of  Nakba Day (May 15), reaffirmed the necessity of human and  legal duty, the governments and nations of the world in defending the rights of opprrssed Palestinians, especially those days when the Zionist usurper regime has launched a fresh circle of the sacrilege of  the Palestinian sanctities.

In this statement, the Iranian foreign ministry has urged governments and international organizations to fulfill their duty to end the occupation of the Zionist regime and its continuing crimes and aggressions against Palestinians.


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