Iran’s atomic chief vows "nuclear renaissance"

Tehran, IRNA – Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami said that a nuclear renaissance would be soon announced as Iran has targeted production of 10 gigawatts of nuclear power.

Eslami made the remarks during a press conference to elaborate the AEOI's plans for the National Nuclear Technology Day on April 9 which will be officially celebrated in the presence of President Ebrahim Raisi.

He said that trouble-making, unwillingness, and lack of cooperation by other countries have led the AEOI to develop technologies by employing the Iranian youth's knowledge and efforts.

Eslami noted that as in the previous years, this year's commemoration of the National Nuclear Technology Day would see announcement of the new 20-year comprehensive document for nuclear energy development and various achievements, including in radiopharmaceuticals, nonthermal plasma, laser, and control and photographing technologies.

The AEOI head also noted that Iran was going to start constructing the first fully domestic 360-megawatt nuclear power plant later this year, leveraging only domestic capacity.

He underlined that the nuclear fuel cycle in Iran, from the mine to the produced disks, was totally domestic and Iran has broken the monopoly in this industry.

On the talks between Iran and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the unsolved cases of Iran's nuclear program, the official said that Tehran has submitted the required documents to the UN nuclear watchdog and an IAEA delegation would visit Iran to review the responses.

Eslami expressed hope that the unsolved issues about the four places would be solved by the end of the year, as one of the places have been clarified and three others would be clarified by mid-June.

He accused the Israeli regime of producing fake documents and carrying out sabotage and terrorist operations against Iran's nuclear facilities and scientists.

The IAEA itself is well-aware of the Israeli regime's intentions and knows that the cases were only claims made against Iran's nuclear program, Eslami noted.

He said that Iran would maintain 2.5 kilograms of its 60-percent enriched uranium stockpile.

The AEOI head also said that Russia has announced that it has received a letter from the US State Department ensuring Moscow that the Ukraine-related sanctions wouldn't affect Russia's nuclear cooperation with Iran.

Iran continues talks with Russia's Rosatom on swapping nuclear materials in case a deal is reached in Vienna, Eslami said, adding that the talks are technical and include the amount of materials, how they would be transferred, and what Iran would receive in return.


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