Feb 28, 2022, 1:02 AM
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Iranian students in Ukraine to be sent to Hungary, Poland and Romania: Official

Tehran, IRNA – Deputy science minister and head of Science Ministry Students Affairs Organization said that a Headquarters to Support and Assist the Iranian University Students in Ukraine has been set up and the students will be sent to Poland, Hungary and Romania to continue their studies.

Hashem Dadashpoor told IRNA that in the sessions of the Headquarters to Support and Assist the Iranian University Students in Ukraine the priorities of the students’ affairs and the process of the conducted work to assist them in this emergency situation are studied in collaboration with the concerned organizations.

He said that the students will be initially sent to Ukraine’s neighboring countries, Poland, Hungary and Romania, in collaboration with the Iranian ambassadors in Ukraine and those counties.

“So far a number of those students have been sent to Poland and Romania, and this headquarters branch in Ukraine pursues the smooth transfer of them and reflects their demands to the concerned organizations in Iran,” added Dadashpoor.

He also said that the Roads and Urban Development Ministry is ready to transfer the Iranian students and residents in Ukraine from there to Iran by allocating one of its passenger planes for the purpose.

“Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry and National Aviation Organization officials, too, are negotiating for transferring the students and residents to Iran and we hope this process will lead to full transfer of them as soon as possible,” he added.

He said that the total number of Iranian university students in Ukraine is 1,424.


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