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Why does UK try to take harsh stance against Vienna Talks?

Vienna, IRNA - Amid the sensitive situation in the ongoing talks in Vienna, Austria, to remove anti-Iran sanctions, the UK intensifies propagating negative image of the negotiation process.

The UK has played as a stumbling block for the last two months in particular when it comes to Liz Truss, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs of the United Kingdom, who has been laboring hard to write and speak against the Vienna Talks.

She raised unconstructive and paradoxical allegations on Tuesday, claiming that the talks are "approaching dangerous impasse." 

"This negotiation is urgent and progress has not been fast enough. We continue to work in close partnership with our allies but the negotiations are reaching a dangerous impasse," Truss addressed the UK's parliament.

There are different reasons behind the UK government's unconstructive and negative stance toward the Vienna talks:

The UK has a proven and long history of hostility towards Iran, including occupying the Islamic country in World War I and massacring half of the Iranian population at that time as well as being complicit in 1953 coup in Iran. London has been one of the main plotters against the Islamic Republic when it came to the Iranian nuclear issue.

As a result of London's withdrawal from the European Union, the UK's political elite try to create new identity for the country. 

Britain was one of European trio (France, Germany, and Britain), who played role in the 2015 nuclear deal, while the European power was considered a member state of the European Union, but it does not consider itself as an EU member.

London plans to coordinate its strategy in the face of Iran's nuclear program with the United States and the two other European powers, but at the same time tries to define a new position for itself as a European ally of the US and the guardian of interests of the Zionist regime in the Vienna Talks.

The personal characteristics of the new British secretary of state is an important element in pushing the European power towards taking more hostile stances against Iran. Truss pursues to appease her supporters to pave the way for her future political position.

British policymakers have tried to implement divide and rule policy. Britain thinks of turning into the natural substitute of the US in the Middle East region, so the British officials try to play a multifaceted game in the Vienna Talks. London is also worried about France's influence in the region.

As a result, the British authorities do not have enough motivation to facilitate the negotiations and lifting anti-Iran sanctions.


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