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President Raisi's upcoming visit turning point for Russia-Iran ties

Tehran, IRNA - Russia and Iran should not be considered as rivals because they are good friends and can resolve many regional and international problems; therefore, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's imminent trip to Moscow can be a turning point in bilateral relationship.

The history of mutual ventures dates back to several decades ago, when the Western allies refused to help Iran set up advanced industrial complexes, but the Soviet Union assisted Iranians to construct Esfahan Steel Company. There are also other examples that the Russians cooperated with the Iranians in nuclear, security, and military fields as well as contribution to the fight against terrorism in Syria in recent years.

Leave behind rivalry and reach mutual understanding
Russia has changed its policies on trying to reach warm waters dating back to Tsar's era, but the Russians are seeking to enhance strategic contribution to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Moscow also focuses on NATO's expansion in neighboring countries, such as Ukraine and Georgia, so the Russians will not benefit from pursuing tensions with Iran and they will try to expand their ties with Tehran.

Russia and Iran enjoy different markets to export their oil and gas products, which can push them towards cooperating in organizations such as OPEC+ and the Gas Exporting Countries Forum.

The two sides also have the potential to develop arms cooperation despite the fact that the United States threatens any country embarking on conducting such a cooperation with the Islamic Republic.

Allies in dealing with US unilateralism
When media outlets reported that Russian warplanes launched airstrikes from the Iranian Hamadan base against terrorist sites in Syria, the then US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Americans and their allies should resort to old differences between Moscow and Tehran to avoid their further rapprochement.

The expansion of ties and cooperation between Russia and Iran has created a serious and important axis against the US's unilateralism. 

President Raisi's upcoming visit to Moscow proves the fact that the Islamic Republic is strengthening the Look to East policy.

The trip can also pave the way for enhancing all-out ties between Moscow and Tehran.

It should be mentioned that there are some countries that are ready to join the Moscow-Tehran alliance, including India which eyes Iran as a gateway to increase trade with Central Asia and Russia.


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