Europeans try to confuse public opinion with clever contradictions: Expert

Tehran, IRNA - An international affairs expert said that the Europeans try to send different messages in a timely manner and confuse public opinion with clever contradictions.

 Hanif Ghaffari told IRNA in an exclusive interview that the Europeans are also trying to achieve their goals through creating words or phrases to put Iran's negotiating team under pressure.

Regarding the difference between the statements of the Western parties in the Vienna talks in this and the previous rounds, he pointed out that every phenomenon in the field of international relations has a text and a hypertext.

The text of a phenomenon is what happens over that phenomenon and its legal, political and strategic dimensions. On the other hand, hypertext is the phenomenon of external and environmental dimensions that are involved in the formation of a phenomenon. 

He added: On the subject of the Iran and P4 + 1 nuclear talks, we have a text that is the negotiating table and a hypertext that goes back to the external factors involved in the talks.

Expressing that technically and legally Iran is the creditor of the case and the West is the debtor, he said that the fact is that through the positions taken by the Western parties on the negative or positive aspects of the negotiations, they want to manipulate the hypertext of negotiations in favor of their own goals. That is to create a turbulent atmosphere in negotiations in such a way that behind the negotiating table Iran is forced to make concessions.

Ghaffari concluded by saying that the West has hypertext goals in the negotiations and the United States and Europe have the same goals, strategies and even tactics in this regard.


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