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Russian analyst: Assassination of General Soleimani further defamed US

Moscow, IRNA – Mais Gurbanov, a Russian media expert and Middle East analyst while arguing that the martyred commander Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani was an internationally-renowned anti-terror personality, said here on Sunday that assassinating him in a terrorist attack, was a big shame for the US, which further defamed that country.

Gurbanov made the comment in an interview with IRNA, adding that a country which always claims to be engaged in a campaign against terrorists by assassinating Soleimani proved that Washington is an accomplice of the terrorists.

In response to a question on the US objective behind the state-sponsored US terrorist attack against the most prominent anti-ISIS commander in the region, the Russian analyst said that the US shaped up the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group itself, and it was actually a US plan, in collaboration with a number of US allies in the region, some of whom paid the financial expenses for this anti-Islamic project.

“The ISIS enmity in the Middle East was initially against Iran, Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah and the American nature of that project was Chrystal-clear,” added Gurbanov.

Major General Soleimani, anti-terror champion of 21st century

The Russian analyst said that Martyr Soleimani was the most prominent anti-terrorist champion of the 21st century, with broadest popularity not only in Iran, but also in entire region.

“Soleimani had also convinced the entire anti-American forces in the region to unite in an anti-US campaign,” added Gurbanov.

He said that Soleimani revealed the ugly, real face of America once again to the world nations and unified the anti-global oppression forces, adding that the global oppression is currently led by Washington.

Gurbanov said that this great commander managed to convince the Russian President Vladimir Putin in a meeting in Moscow that lasted a few hours to enter the war scene in Syria against the terrorists.

The Middle East is insecure for America now

Gurbanov said that the Middle East turned unsafe for the Americans after the coward assassination of Commander Soleimani and the volume of the anti-American campaign and sentiments have both further aggravated after that terrorist act.

He said that the martyred Commander Soleimani is popular not only in many Middle East countries, but also in many parts of the world, and even the non-Muslims loved and supported him.

In response to a question on international legal bodies responsibility regarding the US criminal act in assassinating a military commander, Gurbanov said that the Hague International Court of Justice and other international human rights foundations, too, once again showed their real face in this case and proved that they work as commissioners of world powers.

“Those bodes never make any move against America, and you cannot hope for any assistance from their side,” he added.

General Qasem Soleimani was assassinated in a targeted American drone strike on January 3, 2020 in Baghdad, Iraq on the orders of former US president Donald Trump. The strike was strongly condemned by the Iranian government, and mass multi-city funeral ceremonies were held in both Iraq and Iran for General Soleimani and other martyrs killed in the drone strike. 

Hours after his burial on January 7, 2020, the Iranian military launched missiles against the US military bases in Iraq; while no lives were lost in the second attack, the Pentagon reported that 110 American troops were affected in the strikes.


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