Foreign ministerial meeting of Afghanistan's neighboring states diplomatic victory for Iran

Tehran, IRNA- A political analyst described the foreign ministerial meeting of Afghanistan's neighboring countries in Tehran as Iran's diplomatic victory and said that it is the second regional and international victory of the of Iran after joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Amir Mousavi said that the presence of foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighboring countries and Russia, and the participation of the UN Secretary General as an important, fundamental and strategic role of the Islamic Republic in resolving regional issues.

He continued that with the presence of Afghanistan's neighboring countries, four goals will be achieved; First, the neighboring countries' clear support for the Afghan people so that they feel they are not alone and are encouraged for domestic, regional and international cooperation and economic assistance.  

Mousavi added that the second goal is to establish coordination between Afghanistan's neighboring countries so that the plots hatched by the United States and the Zionist regime for the region will not come true, because Washington wants Afghanistan to be a point of crisis.

He pointed out that the third and most important goal is to fight terrorism and drugs. In this regard, if neighboring countries cooperate well they can restrict those who take advantage of Afghanistan's internal situation to establish terrorist groups or export narcotics.

Mousavi reminded that the fourth goal is to organize the migration of millions of Afghans. The United States is acting so hypocritically that "we do not see any help from it". Washington is seeking a crisis in Afghanistan so that its neighbors are harmed.

Iran's intentions for the meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighboring countries in Tehran was an issue that Mousavi continued in his speech and said that the first goal is to tell the Afghan people that they are not alone and the second is to encourage Afghan officials and political groups to build understanding and participation to control Afghanistan.

This expert added that if all groups in Afghanistan participate in future, they can create security in Afghanistan and the crises will end and the terrorists will not have a chance to flaunt in the country.

According to IRNA, the second meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan's neighbors and Russia was held on Wednesday with the presence of the foreign ministers of Iran, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and the ambassadors of China and Russia.

The meeting was also attended by the UN Secretary General, the Foreign Ministers of Russia and China virtually, and the ambassadors of foreign countries residing in Tehran were present as guests.


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