Muslims have hopes in materializing Islamic unity conference objectives

Tehran, IRNA – Syrian Grand Mufti Sheikh Badreddin al-Hasoun said here on Sunday that the world Muslims have great hope in materializing the objectives of the Islamic Unity Conference objectives, which are pivots for construction of Islamic world’s offspring in the future.

Sheikh Hasoon who was speaking for the 29th Webinar of the 35th Islamic Unity Conference appreciated the sponsors of the conference, reiterating that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been sponsoring the Islamic Unity Conference for many years and the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini and after him the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, may he live long, have spent tremendous efforts aimed at achieving the Islamic unity objectives throughout these years.

"The objective of the sponsors of Islamic Unity Conference has been materializing Almighty Allah’s command, who has stressed that the Muslims are all members of the same nation, and they have, but one God, Who should be wholeheartedly worshipped."

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran's objective in sponsoring the Islamic Unity Conference has meanwhile been materializing Prophet Mohammad’s sayings, whom just before his sad demise warned the Muslims against disunity after achieving unity thanks to the advent of Islam, and telling them that if they will disunite they will be faced with endless miseries and misfortune.

"The main objective of the sponsors of this conference is promotion of unity among the followers of the Islamic schools of thought, and establishment of unity and solidarity among them though, and this conference was first clicked at a time when Islamic unity was the direst need of the world Muslims,” he said.

The 35th Islamic Unity Conference, featuring prominent clerics from 39 countries around the globe, was held in Tehran more prosperously than ever before, with emphasis on numerous commonalties among followers of different Islamic schools of thought, particularly Palestine, the pivot of Islamic world unity.

The late founder of the Islamic Republic, the had long before the revolution supported the ideals of the Palestinian nation both verbally and in practice.


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