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Exporting IQF fruits and vegetables to 5 continents

Agrofood fair was held September 22-25, 2021 at Tehran International Permanent Fairgrounds. With a history of 23 years in the industry, Nobar Sabz company welcomed visitors at hall 8-9 as Iran's first manufacturer and exporter of frozen fruits and vegetables.

Nobar Sabz agro-industrial Company, which is known to be the leading exporter of frozen fruits and vegetables to 5 different continents in the world, displayed its various high-quality products in the 2021 Agrofood fair in Tehran, such as frozen fried Sabzi Ghormeh, frozen Sabzi Kuku, frozen soup herbs, etc. Due to benefiting from IQF technology and high-quality ingredients, developed European countries have always been willing to sell Nobar Sabz products in their supermarkets.

IQF technology contributes to our modern lifestyle by giving us access to a large variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year, without sacrificing the nutrients. Unlike traditional methods, IQF or Individual Quick Freezing preserves all of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.   been selected as the leading exporter in the country numerous times.Basically, IQF technology manages to preserve the unique flavor, aroma, and nutrients of each product. Nobar Sabz has been supplying not only Iranian markets, but also foreign markets with IQF products that are manufactured with the most advanced European equipment and has

Exporting IQF fruits and vegetables to 5 continents

Nobar Sabz agro-industrial company with the slogan "Simply Green", with its products being sold in over 5000 chain stores, supermarkets and exported to over 15 countries in the world including Canada, Australia, the UK, European countries and countries surrounding the Persian gulf and many more, presented its most recent products and capability in producing a wide range of frozen fruits and vegetables at the 2021 Agrofood fair. Distribution companies and Iranians who live abroad can visit https://nobarsabz.com/en/ for more information or visit our Instagram page.

For cooperation purposes, companies in the food industry can gain more information by contacting +982188887660.

Source: Nobar sabz | IRNA bears no responsibility as for the conen source

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