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Gen Bagheri's visit to further enhance Tehran-Islamabad coordination in region

Islamabad, IRNA – The Deputy Speaker of Pakistan’s National Assembly welcoming the visit of Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces expressed satisfaction with the expansion of high-level military and security relations between the two neighbors.

Qasim Khan Suri from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party in an interview with IRNA on Wednesday said there is close cooperation between the two brotherly and Islamic neighbors in all areas, especially security, defense and military interactions.

He added that "certainly, this trip carries the message of cooperation and participation of two important countries in the region, namely Iran and Pakistan, for the maintenance of peace and stability in the region, especially helping to improve the situation in Afghanistan."

The Pakistani politician added, "We remember two important visits of General Bajwa, Commander of the Pakistan Army to Iran, our Prime Minister's visit to Tehran, General Bagheri's visit to Islamabad three years ago, and today we are witnessing a new phase of these high-level interactions."

"Afghanistan is a common concern of Tehran and Islamabad, and we are confident that consultations between the military and security leaders of the two neighbors will have an impact on joint efforts to help resolve regional crises, including the Afghan issue," he said.

Welcoming the increase in Pakistan's cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly added that his party strongly supports the development of defense, security and military relations, including holding joint exercises between the armed forces of the two neighboring countries.

He stressed the closer proximity of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan in the military sphere and interactions between the defense officials of the two countries will effectively help maintain peace and stability in the region and hinder the path of common enemies who always oppose the development of good and close relations between the two.

Gen Bagheri's visit to further enhance Tehran-Islamabad coordination in region

**Gen Bagheri's visit will further enhance Tehran-Islamabad coordination in region

Qasim Khan Suri also stressed that "we are confident that strengthening the interactions between Tehran and Islamabad will pave the way for helping to solve the problems of the Islamic world and strengthen unity."

He said that the armed forces of Iran and Pakistan are guarding their borders and such exchanges will motivate the two countries to coordinate more in the field of border management.

The Pakistani parliamentary official added sustainable peace and stability in Afghanistan is the common goal of Tehran and Islamabad, and any security vacuum in the region will directly affect both countries.

Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri heading a high-level military delegation arrived in Islamabad on Tuesday evening to expand military cooperation with Pakistan.

During the visit development of defense relations between Tehran and Islamabad, expansion of joint border cooperation, fight against terrorism and regional developments and the Islamic world are to be discussed.


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