Pakistani parliament strongly supports development of comprehensive ties with Iran

Islamabad, IRNA -- The head Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group in Pakistan’s Senate, stressing the importance of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and fraternal relations between the two countries, said Pakistani parliament strongly supports relations with Iran and welcomes joint cooperation with them.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Senator Talha Mahmood, expressed satisfaction with the presence of Iranian parliamentary delegation in Pakistan and called for increased exchanges.

The 58-year-old politician, who is also a senior member of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party, said that parliamentary interactions are a special element in helping to advance relations between the two countries.

Referring to the long common border between Iran and Pakistan and long-standing ties between the people of the two neighboring countries, he said, "Iran has a special place in Pakistan's official and parliamentary policies and we welcome the increase in these relations in all sectors."

"Iran-Pakistan relations are rooted in historical, religious, cultural, and social commonalities and we have high respect for mutual values ​​and beliefs," said Senator Mahmood.

Emphasizing the need for Tehran and Islamabad to pay attention to border development, trade, and helping to improve the situation of border residents, the Pakistani politician added that stability on the common borders is in the interest of both countries and prevents any vacuum caused by abuse by third parties.

Pakistani parliament strongly supports development of comprehensive ties with Iran

** Iran, Pakistan should be vigilant towards common enemies

The head of the Iran-Pakistan friendship group in the Senate said both neighbors are in a very important and sensitive position in the region and in recent years we have witnessed movements of third parties to create misunderstandings between the two countries.

He stressed that the two countries must be careful about sabotaging common enemies and that continuous consultations and close cooperation is a basic solution for that.

Senator Talha Mahmood added that increasing exchange of political and parliamentary delegations between Iran and Pakistan is an important tool to help develop bilateral relations and cooperation.

“We must be careful of the conspiracy of those elements who seek to strike at the relations between the two neighboring countries in different ways,” he said.

He noted Iran and Pakistan have taken practical steps to use each other's capacities, develop public relations, develop cooperation in the fields of tourism, trade, religious tourism, facilitate public travel, establish direct flights, and develop road and transportation communications.

Pakistani parliament strongly supports development of comprehensive ties with Iran

** Iranian resistance to unjust sanctions is exemplary

Criticizing the West's approach towards Iran and the baseless allegations against it, the Pakistani senator condemned the anti-Iran sanctions, saying this policy is completely unfair, yet the Iranians have shown exemplary resistance over the last four decades.

He added today that Iran has become self-sufficient in many areas, which shows the resistance of its people against unjust sanctions.

Referring to economic and energy cooperation between the two countries, he called for the advancement of the gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan.

Referring to the need for unity in the Islamic world and the unity of Muslim nations to overcome common challenges, Senator Talha Mahmood added, "We need to increase interaction and cooperation beyond religious beliefs, and our main goal is to explain the scriptures of the Holy Prophet of Islam and follow him."

The head of the friendship group in the Pakistani Senate added, "We must stand together so that common enemies are not allowed to move against our friendly relations, and for this we must continue to exchange delegations and constant consultations in various fields because we believe the enemy of Islamic Republic of Iran will be the enemy of Pakistan and our enemy will be the enemy of Iran.

The Iran-Pakistan parliamentary friendship group headed by Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani arrived in Islamabad yesterday morning. Members of Iranian delegation met with their counterparts in the National Assembly of Pakistan, representatives of the Foreign Affairs Committee of this Assembly and also with the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

They are scheduled to meet with the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Chairman and members of the Iran-Pakistan Friendship Group in the Pakistani Senate.

The delegation of the Parliamentary Friendship Group between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is also scheduled to visit the southern Pakistani city of Karachi to meet with state and parliamentary officials.


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