Use of Tehran's experiences to strengthen Iran-Pakistan bilateral cooperation: Pakistan MPs

Islamabad, IRNA -- Members of the Pakistan-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group and representatives of the Foreign Affairs Committee strongly believe that Pakistan-Iran mutual cooperation can be strengthened by the use of Tehran's experiences.   

Members of the Pakistan-Iran friendship group and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Pakistani National Assembly met with Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani, chairman of Iran-Pakistan friendship group, and his Pakistani counterpart Syed Naveed Qamar in the National Assembly on Monday.

Seyed Fakhar Imam, Pakistan’s Minister for Food Security and senior member of the Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, on behalf of the government and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, welcomed the Iranian parliamentary delegation and expressed hope that long-standing relations between the two parliaments and mutual determination would be deepened.

The senior member of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) praised Iran's economic potential and pointed to Tehran's ability to export saying Pakistan looks forward to using the experience and capabilities of the neighboring country in the field of industry, agriculture, and energy.

Fakhr Imam, referring to the import of petrochemical products, summer crops, pistachios, dates, and saffron from Iran, said we must import the seeds of three popular and world products of Iranian saffron, pistachios, and dates into Pakistan and produce it here.

Regarding effective management of water in Iran, he called for the use of Iran’s experience in this field and said the two neighbors should review existing trade agreements and highlight effective and strong points.

The Pakistani Minister of Food Security welcomed the increase in joint cooperation between Iran, Pakistan, and China and said that trilateral cooperation could be beneficial in many areas, including energy.

Use of Tehran's experiences to strengthen Iran-Pakistan bilateral cooperation: Pakistan MPs

**Pakistani parliament welcomes the establishment of mechanisms for bilateral trade

The head of Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, Malik Muhammad Ehsan Ullah Tiwana said the Islamic Republic of Iran has an important position in the foreign policy of Islamabad and we sincerely demand an increase in ties despite some problems and the efforts of common enemies to influence bilateral relations.

He added we support the call for the regular establishment of bilateral mechanisms to strengthen joint trade and the effective implementation of bilateral agreements, as we consider the early conclusion of a free trade agreement important.

He said Tehran and Islamabad are facing many global and regional challenges, including Islamophobia, terrorism, regional peace and stability, Palestine and Kashmir, and there is a need for increased cooperation and coordination of views

"Pakistan will never allow its territory to be abused against its neighbors, including Iran," he said. Pakistan has been plagued by terrorism for decades, with 80,000 casualties.

Malik Muhammad Ehsan Ullah Tiwana said 60% of Pakistan's common borders with Iran have been fenced. Pakistan considers its borders with Iran as the border of peace and friendship and considers Iran's security as its own security.

Use of Tehran's experiences to strengthen Iran-Pakistan bilateral cooperation: Pakistan MPs

**Tripartite parliamentary engagement with China welcomed

Syed Naveed Qamar, head of Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group in Pakistan’s National Assembly, said praised Iran's initiative to convene a joint meeting of the Iran-China-Pakistan Friendship Groups.

He also supported the joint visit of parliamentary friendship groups of the two countries to the official crossings of Iran and Pakistan.

The Pakistani official stressed the importance of cooperating with Iran in the field of energy, including the supply of electricity to parts of Balochistan province from Iran, adding the electricity to the residents of Gwadar port is being supplied by Iran and we hope this cooperation will continue.

A delegation of the Iran-Pakistan Friendship Group headed by Ahmad Amirabadi Farahani arrived in Islamabad on Monday morning.

They are expected to meet the Minister of Interior of Pakistan, the Speaker of the National Assembly, and the Chairman of the Iran-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group in the Senate.


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