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Riyadh, Tehran can build confidence, mutual understanding

Tehran, IRNA - Saudi Arabia and Iran are able to create a new structure based on confidence-building and mutual understanding, which will be beneficial for both states and the whole region, a political analyst believes.

Sabah Zanganeh, a senior international affairs specialist, told IRNA that the Saudi kingdom and the Islamic Republic, as two important countries in the West Asia, can be affected by regional developments and can also have impact on the interactions.

The participation and influence of Iran in the region, especially following the victory of the Islamic Republic in 1979, led to a change in the situation that was not easy for certain regional states such as Saudi Arabia to embrace, so they have attempted to restrict the Iranian weight, Zanganeh said.

As to Riyadh-Tehran difference on regional issues, the pundit noted that the Islamic Republic has opposed the Saudis' conducts in Yemen since the beginning of Yemen War, calling for resolving disputes through political negotiations, but big powers have not been keen on pursuing a peaceful way to end the conflict because they needed such a war to sell more weapons and guarantee their military presence in the region.

The powers also wanted to control decision-making process in the two countries invading Yemen (Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates), he added.

The former representative of Iran in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) further pointed to the fact that tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran has overshadowed political situation in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and even Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia and Iran should accept each other's power and be aware of the reality that none of them can remove the other one; then, they should direct their capabilities towards promoting peace and development in the region, Zanganeh argued.

According to the expert, "Riyadh and Tehran can create a new structure based on mutual understanding and confidence-building, and this outlook is not far-fetched; it is fully accessible and political will in both countries can materialize the prospect, and its outcome will be fruitful for both states and the whole region."

There are some countries such as Iraq, who want to see tension between Riyadh and Tehran comes to an end because the continuation of tensions will have negative impact on political stability of Iraq, he mentioned.

The pundit urged the administration of President Ebrahim Raisi to find new ways to resolve the existing challenges, adding that the Islamic Republic should think of playing much bigger role in the region and the world.

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