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Leader underscores sports equality in meeting with Olympians, Paralympians

Tehran, IRNA – Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamanei said in the meeting with Iranian Olympians and Paralympians on Saturday that sports equality should be addressed in terms of geography and sports field.

Iranian medalists in Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics were received by the Supreme Leader on Saturday and he hailed their achievements as conveying the message that apparently impossible tasks could be fulfilled.

He said that the achievements by Iranian athletes poured the message of hope to the society when many entities were busy with depriving them of hope and liveliness.

In addition to misjudgment, bribery, political conspiracy and doping, winning medals through betraying own country and pandering are examples of the unfair championship, he underlined.

He mentioned the naming of Iran’s convoy after martyrs like the late General Soleimani, presenting medals to martyrs, using keffiyeh as a symbol of sacrifice and resistance, wearing hijab and chador by women athletes, expressing love to the flag of Iran, prayers scenes, hugging the defeated rival, and the Iranian Paralympic volleyball team’s commemorating mother of Martyr Babaei as manifestation of Islamic values and Iranian identity.

Ayatollah Khamenei underlined that Iranian women athletes proved that Islamic hijab didn’t prevent them from shining in sports, as it is the same in arena of politics, science and public management.

He cautioned Iranian sports officials not to be passive in the issue of the Israeli regime seeking legitimacy in sports fields, as Iran does not recognize the tyrant, genocidal, illegitimate regime.

The Supreme Leader referred to some athletes refusing to compete with representatives of the former apartheid regime in South Africa, saying that the apartheid regime faded away and the Israeli regime would follow suit.

He also advised officials to elevate the quality of Iran’s international presence in sports, plan to elevate Iran’s rating in Olympic games, appreciate Iranian cloth brand shining in Olympics and support domestic manufacturers of sports equipment, using Iranian coaches, address problems of champions and improve and elevate sports equality.


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