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Rereading the events of 9/11

Tehran, IRNA - On September 11, 2001, US commercial, military, and political centers were plunged into a series of smoke and dust blasts following a series of explosions. Two passenger planes crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center and another hit the Pentagon.

A plane also crashed on its way for unknown reasons before hitting the target. A total of more than 5,000 people were killed and injured in the operation, according to the latest figures. A state of emergency was immediately declared across the United States, New York City and Washington were closed. The travels of political and economic leaders remained incomplete. American skies were declared a no-fly zone and the US military was on high alert. An unofficial state of emergency also developed in European countries.

The events of 9/11 paved the way for the radical neo-conservative ideology and the United States invoked Article 5 of NATO by declaring war and launching its giant military machine and preparing to attack targets around the world.

The US move marked the beginning of a new phase in world politics and order. Following this incident, the US Governing Body and the media skillfully streamlined the information process. But although the terrorist act was repeatedly blamed on forces outside the United States led by bin Laden, there were strong protests from leading American and non-American elites and theorists about the origins of 9/11 and its aftermath.

 Former US presidential candidate Lyndon LaRoche claimed in an interview that the September incident was carried out by some veteran American politicians in order to channel and persuade the second Bush administration to achieve certain goals. He said the events of 9/11 could not be the work of a foreign group or organization, because given the way security systems work, those events can only be carried out by a group of security organizations inside the United States and at a high level of security officials. Of course, there may be cooperation with others, but to a limited extent, but what is certain is that the main control of the attacks is led by top officials of the US security agencies.

In his book, The Big Lie, French researcher Thierry Meyssan reveals a number of reasons behind the events of 9/11. He said:

"After the two World Trade Towers collapsed in a way that no one had anticipated, there was no full formal investigation into the accident and its condition, and the same official report on the two planes was cited, without thinking of anything else. The existence of these defendants was emphasized without investigating the presence of these persons or their involvement in the incident, then emphasizing the rapid demolition of other damaged buildings and the complete collection of debris, and everything found at the site was at the disposal of the FBI. New York firefighters did not like the rush to close the rubble and close the case file. The steel frame of the two towers is not enough in that short period of time, unless the two towers are made of cardboard, which is why the fire department called for an investigation to find out the facts and whether there was an explosion at the base of the two towers. , But federal officials did not agree with the proposal.

"There is another mystery here, because it is only with explosives that they destroy tall buildings, while there is no picture or document to show what happened to the foundations of the two towers after the collapse," Thierry Thierry Meyssan said. "They happened."

In an interview with French television, Meyssan  went so far as to reveal other passages that are well understood by aviation scientists. He said:

"After inquiries and questions from experts in this field, it was found that it is impossible for passenger aircraft, like those used in the attack on the World Trade Center, to accurately achieve their intended targets without pre-determined radars inside the two towers. This is what happened two hours before the attack and caused noise on the radio and television in the area, so without these radars it would not be possible for a street with automatic control to be able to accurately aim. , Even if several planes do so at the same time.

Regarding the existence of writings in Arabic on how to learn to pilot and fly an airplane, he said: "Aviation terms have never been written in Arabic because it is entirely in English."

Regarding the attack on the Pentagon, the US government claimed that the operation was carried out by a Boeing 757 aircraft hitting the first or second floor of the Pentagon building while the plane was flying so low that it came in contact with the grass planted around the Pentagon.

When asked by warplane experts, they stressed that it was impossible for a Boeing 757 civilian to do so, as these planes either hit the target vertically or landed low, but not very close. Earth and then attack the target horizontally. Since the Pentagon building is not very tall and is only two stories high, it is impossible to hit the Pentagon horizontally with a civilian aircraft because it is impossible for a Boeing aircraft to be able to descend to such a level, even if it were to fly at that level. Damage to cars in the area and trees and electric poles and the like, which did not happen and no signs or traces of such incidents were seen at the scene.

What is even more striking in this case is that no one saw the skeleton of the plane at the crash site and the smallest image of it was never shown, but only a black box was said to have been found at the crash site. In the initial statements of the officials, it was said that the attacking plane was a wing wheel and did not have a black box. In addition, the place where the attack took place was empty of personnel and soldiers because construction operations were taking place there, so the victims were only workers and some of those who happened to be present. What was surprising was that only one soldier was killed in the incident, while it was officially announced that a large number of victims working for the Pentagon itself had been killed. Another surprising thing is that there was no follow-up on the pilot or the operators.

When an aircraft is hijacked, information is sent as a code to the watchtower, and civilian aircraft use an identification number that is sent to the watchtower via transmitter disks, effectively tracking such aircraft. When the aircraft does not issue signals, it is assumed to be an enemy aircraft and warning signals are given, but none of the signals hit the World Trade Center twin towers.

Another point to consider in this incident was that none of the officials of the companies belonging to the buildings of the World Trade Center were killed. Most of these executives were invited to a friendly breakfast at the El Foot military base not far from New York at the time of the incident, and George W. Bush joined them.

Evidence suggests that there are a number of reasons why the neo-conservative elements initially planned the 9/11 bombings to provide opportunities to achieve their goals, including strengthening militarism and attacking countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and bringing the world together with the United States. There has been a fight against terrorism that demonstrates the seriousness and determination of neoconservatives to consolidate American power around the world at the cost of sacrificing innocent people, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Given the serious ambiguities surrounding the 9/11 events, the United Nations remained silent instead of sending a fact-finding team to investigate, and subsequently authorized a NATO attack on Afghanistan.

The bombing of the Twin Towers on September 11 was a demagogic pretext for the United States to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and accuse Muslims of supporting terrorism. The White House prepared to invade Afghanistan two months before the incident, and then invaded Afghanistan under the pretext of the Taliban refusing to extradite Osama bin Laden. US excuses for invading Afghanistan, such as the existence of a nuclear bomb in Iraq, have not only not been proven, but its validity has been severely questioned.

Hours after the Twin Towers exploded, the president called the events a national catastrophe for the United States and declared it a war. A war against America. "This is an attack on a way of life, this is an attack on democracy and the values ​​of the civilized world," Bush said, adding that the United States had entered a war. This is a war between good and evil, and we will win this war.

But the dream of the US president was not interpreted, and today, after the humiliating US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the world is talking about the defeat of Washington and the victory of the Taliban.

The occupation of Afghanistan by NATO and the United States only led to the destruction of this country and the killing and torture of many Afghans, increased the production and trafficking of narcotics sixty times and cost the United States trillions of dollars.

Today, twenty years after 9/11, the Taliban have not only not weakened, they have formed a government in Afghanistan. Not only has terrorism not disappeared, but ISIS has added to Afghanistan's problems. The White house defeat in Afghanistan showed the US distancing itself from the era of superpower and confirmed the US's move on the path of decline, and this is the inevitable fate of the hegemons of history.

By: Mohsen Pakaein


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