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Three Iranian athletes reach finals in Ivanovich Freestyle

Tehran, IRNA – Three of the wrestlers participating in the 2121 International Ljubomir Ivancovich Freestyle Cup reached the finals of their weighs on Saturday.

The day-long international freestyle matches in Serbia began on Saturday morning in then weighs and the Iranian wrestlers’ results thus far are as follows:
In 55 kg weigh there were five competitors, in which Mohammad Hadi Shaabani in his first match beat his Serbian challenger 8-nil, but lost the second match to a Russian wrestler. He also won his 3rd match versus Russia’s Victor Dirinkov 6-4. 
Iran’s Puya Radmarz, too, won his first competition 6-nil versus Russia’s Victor Dirinkov and also beat another Russian athlete, Amin Safasahyev 2-1. In his 3rd match, too, Radmarz beat his Serbian competitor 9-0, and therefore in their 4th matches two Iranian freestyle wrestlers will face each other.
In 60 kg weigh six wrestlers in two groups faced each other. Omid Arami in the first group and his first match won the game as his Greek competitor did not attend the mattress. He won the 2nd match versus a Russian athlete 5-2 to make his way to the final match, where he will face another Russian wrestler, Anwar Alakhyarov.
In 67 kg weigh Mohammad Javad Rezai’s competitor from Greece did not attend the mattress and he made his way to the 2nd match as his competitor. In the same weigh Iran’s Ali Reza Nejati beat his Russian competitor 3-3. Rezai in the 2nd round beat the other Iranian athlete Nejati 9-nil to reach the semifinal. In that match he was faced with Nazi Abolayev and lost the match to him 5-3, to be left with the hope of gaining a bronze medal in his next match.

In the 72 kg weigh Ali Arsalan beat his Serbian competitor 8-nil and in the next match he won versus his Hungarian rival Robert Fritch 9-nil to make his way to the semifinal match. He also won the semifinal 9-nil versus Alexa Erski from Serbia to reach the final, where he will be faced with a Russian athlete.
In 77 kg weigh where seven wrestlers were competing in two groups, Amin Kaviani beat his Serbain competitor 7-nil. In his 2nd match, too, he won the match 6-3 versus the Russian wrestler Sergei Stephanou. Kaviani lost his next match to the world and Olympics champion Roman Velasev to reach the semifinal as the 2nd athlete of his group, where he lost the match 5-nil to the Russian world champion Abu Zeid Mantsigov. In his match for the bronze medal, too, Kaviani lost the match to his Hungarian rival to rank 5th in the games.
In the 78 kg weigh Mahdi Ebrahimi gained a rest lot in his first round and lost his 2nd match to his Serbian competitor, and as his rival in the next match lost the match Ebrahimi, too, was set aside from the rest of the competitions.
In the 130 kg weigh in the first round Iran’s Ali Akbar Yusefi beat his Serbian competitor 5-1 and beat his Russian rival 6-1 to reach the semifinal. In semifinal, too, he bet a Russian athlete 10-2, and in the final match he will be faced with Darius Vitik from Hungary.


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