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Taliban will keep ties with Iran, Pakistan: Expert

Islamabad, IRNA -- Pakistani journalist and Afghan affairs expert strongly believes that Taliban have evolved in recent years and they will try to maintain good ties with Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan as the two important neighbors and lifelines of Afghanistan.

Arshad Yousafzai in an interview with IRNA on Monday said that situation in Afghanistan is still evolving and we have to wait and see how the next government in the country will deal with the international community.

The analyst said Taliban in the current scenario only trust China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan, but with Pakistan there is also some trust deficit.

“I think Taliban will keep stronger ties with both Iran and Pakistan being two lifelines for Afghanistan,” he said.

Expressing his views, the journalist said Taliban want international community to treat them equally, they don’t want to be subordinate to anyone.

He noted that under Doha agreement Taliban have made some promises, especially regarding rights of women and their unhindered access to education. 

“They kept their promises to some extent as we see that they took over the control of Kabul without any bloodshed,” he pointed out.

Arshad Yousafzai added Taliban have not taken revenge from anyone in Afghanistan, especially those who have been fighting against them whether they are military personnel or some warlords.

“Look at the way that had treated the warlord in Herat and governor of Kandahar after surrender,” he said.

He said the way Taliban are moving forward shows that they have evolved with the passage of time and there are many well educated men in Taliban now who can communicate with the international community in a better way.

Yousafzai talking about the possible influx of Afghan refugees said the despite the closure of border with Pakistan the refugees are coming towards the country. 

He noted that according to the estimates of Pakistan government more than 500,000 refugees could come to Pakistan, however, the UNHCR says that the number could be 200,000, but the problem is that Pakistan is not in a position to handle Afghan refugees.

He urged the government of Pakistan to talk to international human rights agencies and donors to help Pakistan to tackle the challenge of refugees.

The expert warned that there is a possibility of anti-Pakistan elements entering into Pakistan under the guise of refugees that is why they need to be screened properly.

He said this time the government of Pakistan will keep the refugees near to bordering areas so that they could not create any problem for Pakistan.

Yousafzai said Pakistan has also increased number of troops at the Afghan border to tackle any untoward situation.


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