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European couple praise Iranian culture, civilization

Rasht, IRNA – A Bosnian and Serbian couple, who has launched a religious center as a connection bridge between the Islamic Republic of Iran and their countries, praised Iranian culture and civilization.

The couple has traveled to Iran for a tour and stayed for a few days in Gilan where they had an interview with IRNA’s correspondent.

Dr. Moammar Khalilovich, the husband, speaks several languages, including Farsi, and has spent 19 years of his life in Iran, studying in Al-Mustafa International University where he got his doctorate degree in Islamic Philosophy.

He said that his father was absorbed by the character of the late Imam Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and converted to Shia religion and moved to Iran afterwards to meet Imam Khomeini, but his sudden demise deprived him of the opportunity.

Khalilovich said that he was introduced to his wife, Amra Khalilovich, via a friend of his who was a great Muslim scholar with a history of cultural activity in Sarajevo.

Khalilovich established a religious center in Belgrade entitled Qom Religious Sciences Center in 2012, covering philosophy, social thought, and contemporary religious thought.

The center publishes Qom Religious Sciences Magazine which is a science-research publication and has been listed in several international indexes and is among the top eight magazines in Serbia.

Scholars from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Greece, Germany, Britain, Iran, Indonesia, Canada, the US, and Nigeria have published their articles in this publication, according to Khalilovich who has authored several books on religion and Islamic philosophy.

Ms. Khalilovish has also studied in Al-Mustafa University and got an MA degree in Islamic studies and has taught Persian Language courses as the first non-Iranian Persian language teacher in the university.

As a Bosnian, she said that her people have always loved Iran’s culture and such great Iranian figures as Rumi, Khayyam, Attar, Hafez, Saadi, and others.

She has written a novel entitle ‘On the Wings of the Phoenix’ (Bosnian: Na krilima feniksa) and is also working on another novel.


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