Leader: West's approach in negotiations is unjust and malicious

Tehran, IRNA - The Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said in his last meeting with President Rouhani and his cabinet that domestic plans should not be subject to West's company, underlining that it turned out during this administration's term that confidence in the West didn't work.

As President Rouhani’s final days in office tick away and he is preparing to transfer the administration to President-elect Ebrahim Rahisi next week, the Supreme Leader received him and his cabinet on Wednesday for the last time.

In the meeting, Ayatollah Khamenei gave an assessment of Rouhani’s performance during his two terms of presidency, saying that the administration’s performance matched expectations in some areas and failed in some others.

Noting that the opportunity to serve people is a blessing that should be appreciated, the Supreme Leader underlined that this could be achieved by mobilizing all capacities to move the objectives of the Revolution forward, because Iran is a revolutionary country and its people have sacrificed a lot for the Revolution.

Emphasizing the necessity of using the experiences of the 11th and 12th administrations (Rouhani’s term), he referred to ‘distrust in the West’ as an importance experience of this period that should be used by generations to come.
The Leader said that it turned out in this administration’s term that confidence in the West would neither work nor help, as they would harm other countries whenever they have the opportunity and if they didn’t, that’s because they couldn’t.

Ayatollah Khamenei firmly underlined that domestic programs should not be made subject to the West’s company, because they would certainly fail if they were.

President-elect Ebrahim Raisi’s inauguration will be held on August 5, 5:00 pm in the venue of Iran’s parliament.

Mohammad Mohseni Bandpey, a member of parliament, told IRNA on Wednesday that the parliament decided that President-elect’s swearing-in ceremony would be held at 5:00 pm local time on Thursday August 5, 2021.

He also said that the parliament would be in recess next week and no legislator session would be held.

Representatives of 50 world countries has responded positive to Iran's invitations to attend the ceremony.

According to his official website, Khamenei.ir, the Supreme Leader further said: "Others should use the experience of Mr. Rouhani’s govt. One experience is distrusting the West. In this administration, it became clear that trusting the West isn’t helpful. They don’t help and they strike a blow wherever they can. When they didn’t, it was because they couldn’t.

*Administrations should utterly avoid tying their plans to negotiations with the West, for they’ll certainly fail. This administration too, wherever it relied on negotiations with the West and the US, they were unsuccessful, and when they relied on domestic potential, they succeeded.

*In the recent nuclear talks, the Americans staunchly insisted on their obstinate stance. When making promises and on paper, they say they’ll remove sanctions, but in practice, they didn’t and won’t. Then they say new articles should be added to the deal that already exists.

*The West and the US are totally unjust and malicious in their negotiations. They have no hesitation in breaching their commitments at all. In the previous agreement, they breached their commitments and they give no guarantee they will abide by their commitments in the future either."


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