Jul 14, 2021, 9:59 AM
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Iran is building communications balloons, airships

Tehran, IRNA – A senior Iranian official has announced that Iran is building communications balloons and airships.

The Tehran-based Persian-language newspaper “Iran” has in its Wednesday version published an interview with Vahhab Haqiqat who is the Director of Returnable Systems in Iran’s Space Research Center.

During the interview, the official said that communications balloons are air platforms that can carry communications and radio equipment while being floating in the air, Haqiqat told the newspaper in the interview, adding that these systems can replace traditional methods and be used in border security, monitoring ports and coasts, security of sensitive infrastructure, crown management, anti-trafficking, monitoring traffic, etc.

He said that the balloons can also be used to provide internet services and wireless communications and can operate for up to 1,000 hours. The average age of the flying package attached to every balloon is between 5 to 7 years and their flight platform can be operational for over 20 years, the expert added.

In the West Asia region, only Turkey and Iran have the technology to manufacture these balloons and Iran can gain high added value by exporting these systems if it moves forward with research and development in the area, Haqiqat opined.

He also noted that Iran is active also in making airships that differ from balloons in several ways. Airships are not attached to earth like balloons and therefore, can be deployed at very high altitudes covering a very vast area on earth.

Iran’s Space Research Center has put making airships on the agenda, with a trial example being defined and in the process of making by the experts in the center, Haqiqat stated.


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