Jul 8, 2021, 12:14 AM
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Khatibzadeh: Iran producing silicide fuel merely for peaceful purposes

Tehran, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh  said here on Wednesday that Iran is producing silicide plates using 20% enriched uranium merely for peaceful purposes.

Khatibzadeh made the remarks in reaction to a statement by three member of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) who expressed concern over Iran producing silicide.

He said Iran’s decision to manufacture silicide plates, using 20% enriched uranium, is merely for peaceful purposes and its usage which is undertaken and in accordance with the methods that we have already declared to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Contrary to their claims, he said, this product has peaceful usages, for manufacturing radio medicines for humanitarian usage, and its production is by no means contradictory to observation of any non-proliferation or nuclear treaty.

Khatibzadeh further reiterated that those countries consider Iran’s move violation of its JCPOA commitments, while they have never tried to observe their own JCPOA any further than word of mouth and instead always harmonized with and implemented the entire illegal US sanctions beyond its own borders.

“We have many times emphasized that Iran is ready to halt its remunerative measures and return to observing its full JCPOA commitments as soon as the unjust sanctions are terminated, but no one should expect Iran to unilaterally observe its JCPOA commitments, as it once did before,” added the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Khatibzadeh announced that access beyond treaties, and voluntary transparency by Iran, including voluntary temporary observation of the NPT Additional Protocol, will all be back in place of the Vienna negotiations will lead to tangible result, in accordance with JCPOA article, and the expressed concern in this respect is not necessary.

“The stands adopted by the US secretary of state in this respect are quite unacceptable, since the United States is expressing concern about Iran’s moves under such conditions that the prevailing conditions of the JCPOA are due to the unilateral and illegal moves and approach of that country and furthermore America during President Biden’s tenure, too, has continued the defeated maximum pressure of Trump against the Iranian nation,” he added.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman at the end emphasized: The Islamic Republic has always announced its readiness for resuming observation of its JCPOA commitments if the US sanctions are terminated, and throughout the Vienna negotiations, too, we have often announced this stand to the other sides.


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