Jul 3, 2021, 10:14 AM
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UAE - Israel, the blindness of his cane is another blindness

Tehran, IRNA - The rulers of the UAE, Saudi Arabia's main accomplice in committing crimes against the oppressed people of Yemen, have added a new stigma to their tainted history by accepting Yair Lapid, the foreign minister of Israel and the main perpetrator of the killing of innocent Palestinians.

Lapid, who arrived in the UAE for the first time since the normalization of relations between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, July 29, knows full well that the UAE no longer has a position among most Islamic and Arab countries in the world.

In a recent report, Amnesty International referred to human rights violations in the UAE's secret prisons in Yemen, calling them acts of war crimes. The Associated Press also reported that there are 18 secret prisons in southern Yemen run by the UAE, where more than 2,000 Yemeni prisoners are being tortured. On the other hand, Human Rights Watch recently introduced the Zionist regime as an apartheid regime due to its apparent discrimination against the Arabs of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. However, the meeting between the officials of the two infamous regimes of the UAE and Israel is reminiscent of the proverb "The blindness of his cane is another blindness."

The newly appointed minister of the fake Israeli regime is traveling to the UAE at a time when the Palestinian people are still mourning the martyrs of the bombings of the occupying regime and the Zionists have polluted Al-Aqsa Mosque and wounded the hearts of the Muslims of the world by holding a flag parade. The Palestinians, who lost at least 270 people, including 68 children, in the unequal 11-day war between the occupying forces and Hamas, have kept alive the hope of revenge against the UAE rulers with hearts full of resentment.

The rulers of the UAE, who sought to support the unstable situation of Netanyahu and his government by carrying out Trump's orders by revealing relations with the criminal Israeli regime, have now come to the fore to strengthen the new fragile Zionist government after his defeat. But just as the Trump administration's efforts to force the Arabs to normalize with Israel did not strengthen Netanyahu and weaken the intifada in Palestine, the Arabs in the region will not benefit from revealing their ties to Israel and will become more isolated under pressure from Muslim public opinion.

Abu Dhabi, along with Riyadh, had isolated itself among the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council by committing aggression and crimes in Yemen, and the continuation of the UAE's approach to supporting the Zionist regime and countering the liberation of Palestine will institutionalize differences among its members. .

Today, defending Palestine and fighting the Zionist regime is a clear criterion for recognizing the hypocrites and criminals of the world. Countries like the UAE, which befriend the occupying regime of the first qibla of Muslims, will face a clear calculation error and will have a dark future like the Zionist regime.

The rational expectation of the Muslims of the world and the free Arabs is that the Islamic  and Arab world cut or restrict their relations with the sheikhdoms of the UAE and treat the rulers of Abu Dhabi as an enemy and equal to the occupying regime of Al-Quds. The reduction of economic relations with the UAE, as the main supporter of Zionism, will strengthen the motivation of the Palestinian people to continue the intifada and retake the occupied territories from the fake regime.

The ignorant rulers of the UAE must know that the struggle against the Zionist regime will continue and will follow the path of the liberation of Palestine without interruption and more powerfully than before. Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi's move to pull Israel out of isolation will not only have no effect, but will undoubtedly ignite the anger of the Palestinian in West Asia and make the supporters of Zionism regret it.

It is natural that the UAE's decision to accept the Israeli minister is an action against the liberation of Palestine and Holy Quds, and will make the Zionists more courageous in committing new crimes against the Palestinian people. However, this approach will not only further isolate the UAE in the Islamic world and among Muslims, but will also strengthen the motivation of the Palestinians and members of the Axis of Resistance to continue the struggle against the occupying regime. This betrayal will certainly not go unanswered and will make the UAE regret its actions.

By Mohsen Pakaein

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