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Tripartite summit for Afghan peace, regional integration a common objective

Islamabad, June 30, IRNA -- During the recent visits of Special Representative of Iran to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the idea of ​​reviving the tripartite summit was raised by the Islamic Republic, a plan that once again emphasizes the importance of regional integration, especially the effective role of Iran and Pakistan in this regards.

Iran's Special Representative for Afghanistan Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian Fard went to Afghanistan last week and then traveled to Pakistan.

After meeting with Pakistani officials in Islamabad, he again returned back to Kabul where he met with Afghan officials to discuss the latest developments related to peace and Tehran's consultations with Afghanistan's neighbors.

During a meeting with Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar, he proposed a tripartite meeting of Kabul, Islamabad, and Tehran.

The revival of the tripartite initiative in the presence of Afghanistan's neighbors demonstrates the legitimate right of these countries to decide the fate of their region without foreign interference and the presence of trans-regional forces.

In other words, the problems of the region must be resolved by the nations and countries in this area, a priority in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The tripartite forum of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan is a joint initiative of the three countries. Over the past decade, the meeting of the forum has been held three times in Kabul, Tehran and Islamabad, respectively.

Its last meeting was hosted by the then Pakistani government in Islamabad, with the presidents of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan in attendance.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan, Afghanistan's two neighbors, host of millions of Afghan refugees, have been instrumental in managing efforts to help ease out the situation in Afghanistan. At the same time, some extra-regional powers, led by the United States, are constantly striving to block the tripartite cooperation of these countries.

Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan already provide a tripartite mechanism in the fight against narcotics and refugee management and continue to play a role in advancing joint cooperation.

The tripartite meeting, attended by senior officials, with the aim of promoting bilateral and multilateral relations, could strengthen joint cooperation for peace and stability in the region and efforts to find a regional solution to regional issues, including Afghanistan.

**Iran, Pakistan most affected countries by the Afghan conflict

Baqir Sajjad, a Pakistani national security correspondent and representative of Japan's Kyodo News Agency in Pakistan, told IRNA that Pakistan and Iran have been the two most affected countries by the conflict in Afghanistan.

“Any further instability in Afghanistan would add to their problems especially because they are already hosting large Afghan refugee populations,” he said.

He added therefore, it is logical for them to coordinate and cooperate on Afghanistan so that the situation there does not go out of hand as being predicted by many of the analysts and observers.

“However, regional dynamics especially US role would affect the resumption of this trilateral cooperation,” viewed Sajjad.

Tripartite summit for Afghan peace, regional integration a common objective

**Iran's solution to prevent civil war in Afghanistan

Dr. Maria Sultan, President of the South Asian Strategic Stability Institute (SASSI) University talking to IRNA welcomed the proposal by Iran’s Special Representative on Afghanistan for reviving the tripartite forum and cooperation of Afghanistan's neighbors to help resolve the crisis.

“This is a positive development and very important for the regional peace. Through such efforts a civil war in Afghanistan can be averted,” she viewed.

She added that the importance of this can only be underscored by the fact that if Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan don’t come together, Afghanistan’s instability will be used to both destabilize Pakistan and Iran but foremostly Afghanistan

Mateen Haider, Senior Analyst and Anchorperson GTV network told IRNA the proposal of the Iranian special envoy after his important visits to Kabul and Islamabad is a positive development.

He said that the proposal emphasizes that Iran and Pakistan, as key stakeholders in the Afghan peace process, have a legitimate right to play a direct role in this regard.

He stressed that Kabul should play a leading role in increasing consultations with its close neighbors, namely Iran and Pakistan.

In the past, the leaders of the three countries held useful meetings in the form of a trilateral forum, but no joint meeting has been held between the leaders of the three countries for more than nine years.

Addressing the Afghan government, Mateen Haidar added that the leaders of Kabul should take a fundamental step towards integration with Iran and Pakistan instead of trusting foreign forces and extra-regional governments.

He also considered the role of Beijing and Moscow to help solve the problem of Afghanistan important and added the tripartite forum has its place and we should use this opportunity for close interaction and use of joint capacities to solve Afghanistan's problems.

**Serious approach needed from Islamabad to revive tripartite mechanism

Saleh Zaafir, a leading analyst and columnist for the Pakistani newspaper Jang talking to IRNA said the revival of the tripartite mechanism between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan is not only in the interest of the three neighboring states, but also reflects the will of the nations of the region.

He called on the Pakistani government to respond immediately to Iran's offer to revive the tripartite summit, to play its part in using this capacity to work with Iran to help resolve Afghanistan.

"The Americans are leaving Afghanistan with failures and defeated figures, and in such a situation it must be said that the White House has relinquished its responsibilities, and this time a heavy burden falls on the Afghan side," he said.

Mohammad Tahir Khan, an expert on Afghan affairs and a correspondent for China's Xinhua news agency in Pakistan, told IRNA Tehran's proposal is very important at the moment.

He said the role of the Iranians in the Afghanistan issue has been very prominent in recent years and they are looking for a lasting political solution in the country.

He stressed coordination between Iran and Pakistan in Afghanistan is in line with regional interests, and the revival of the tripartite forum is a significant help in resolving the concerns of the parties to peace, especially addressing misunderstandings.

Tahir Khan added the role of Tehran and Islamabad in preventing civil war in Afghanistan is undeniable, both countries have an effective influence in the peace process and we hope this tripartite initiative can help solve Afghanistan's problems.

According to IRNA, the expansion of intra-regional cooperation in the form of a trilateral mechanism of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan will provide suitable conditions for the development and welfare of the nations of the region.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always played an active role in solving regional problems and as a powerful and Islamic actor, it has succeeded in gaining an important position among regional and global actors.

The ongoing dialogue between the three countries coincides with the withdrawal of the occupiers from Afghanistan, and is of paramount importance given that over the past two decades, foreigners and extra -regional powers have been active in regional developments and relations.


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