Jun 22, 2021, 9:28 PM
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Raisi: People voted for change

Tehran, IRNA – Iran's President-elect Ebrahim Raisi said people during the recent presidential election voted for change and stressed that the focal point in all developments especially in economic areas should be justice.

The President-elect made the remarks while addressing people in a ceremony to mark the birth anniversary of the eighth Shiite Imam Reza (AS). The ceremony was held in Imam Reza holy shrine in the city of Mashad, capital of Razavi Khorasan.

In another part of his speech, Raisi stressed that "just as people voted for change in this election, there must be change in the country."

Raisi added that this change should take place to guarantee the interest of the people and also the values ​​of the revolution.

He said people through their voted expressed their desire for formation of an efficient government.

He went on to underline that "as a government, we should not allow the slightest right of the people to be lost, and I, as the representative of the nation, will not allow any right of the nation to be lost."

The President-elect emphasized that the need for preserving the dignity of the people and observing economic justice, in all issues like domestic issues and education.

He said that unhealthy administrative practices, corruption, oppression and any unjust behaviours are against human dignity.

In Islamic system the government is people’s servant, not a haughty master and all state officials must consider themselves people’s servants, he said.

Raisi added “today everyone should know that anyone who serves the people anywhere in the country in the name of Imam Reza (P), he must respect the prestige of the people and nobody is allowed to disrespect the people the slightest bit.”

The President-elect said that in Imam Ali’s government, too, paying close attention to the people and their rights was emphasized by the holy Imam (P), because the path towards God passes through the people’s masses.

The meaning of serving, too, is different today, as everyone on the earth claims to be serving the people, but serving with a materialist mind, in which matter is the axis and gaining benefits is the objective is one type of service, while when the human beings and humanity is in mind, then serving for God’s sake and in order to gain His satisfaction, while also heeding the interests of the people is another type of service, that is achieved in the light of loving God,” said Raisi.

“We as the government should not allow the slightest right of the people to be trampled on, and I as the representative of the people will not allow any of the people’s tights to be denied,” he added.

“As a servant of this nation I will from the beginning of this government’s tenure put top priority on Corona vaccination of the public, to safeguard the people’s lives and good health, because today Corona has worried the people,” he said.

He also appreciated the people for attending the voting ballots, despite the difficulties due to the Corona pandemic, and those who cast their votes abroad despite some anti-revolutionary individuals’ indecent deeds.

Raisi said: I am the servant of both those who voted for me, and those who voted for other candidates, and also those who did not vote.

“Some people wish to devaluate the glorious presence of the people at the elections with their analyses, but thanks to God’s blessings and Imam Reza’s kindness, that presence was quite spectacular, and all of us state officials should appreciate that much kindness and affection of the people and humbly and not expecting anything in return serve the people to make up for their kindness,” he concluded.


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