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Iran real supporter of Palestine against Zionist aggression: Pakistan's ex-envoy

Islamabad, June 3, IRNA -- Pakistan’s former permanent representative at the United Nations in Geneva strongly criticized helplessness of the Arab rulers in defending rights of Palestinians, and said Arab countries in the region raised tensions with Iran who is the main supporter of Palestinian nation against the Zionist aggression.

Zamir Akram in an article published in daily ‘Express Tribune’ said the latest carnage in Gaza is yet another bout of ruthless persecution of the Palestinians by the Zionist Israeli government and more than 200 people, including women and children, have been killed in the 12-day war.

“The Israeli action is not just dis-propionate but part of a premeditated provocation beginning with the desecration of the Al Aqsa mosque and violence against worshipers there during Ramadan,” he said.

He noted such provocations are part of the Zionist Likud party’s larger objective to exterminate or expel the Palestinians from their own land.

“Aided and abetted by the United States, the Israelis have virtual impunity to enforce such policies. Meanwhile, the Muslim world in general and the Arab countries in particular are reduced to taking token measures such as un-enforceable UN and OIC resolutions which Israel treats with contempt. In such circumstances, the Zionist genocide against the Palestinians continues. Their only hope is the popular armed resistance by Hamas and Hezbollah,” added Zamir Akram.

He said succeeding Israeli governments headed by Likud Zionists like Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the two-state agreement and unleashed a continuous reign of terror in Gaza, the West Bank and the occupied Arab territories in contravention of several UN resolutions. 

Former ambassador said despite such persecution, the US has not just refrained from holding Israel accountable, but has actually supported its policies. “Besides, Israeli domination of American politics, economy and media is so entrenched that only the Israeli narrative is accepted,” he noted.

The expert on international affairs said even more unconscionable is the failure of the Muslim world to help the Palestinians, especially the rich Arab states who are not so much helpless as spineless.

“Instead they have betrayed the Palestinians by cutting separate deals with Israel for their selfish gains. Those who dared to stand up against Israel were demolished by the US like Iraq, Libya and Syria,” he said.

The expert on international affairs said to their credit only the Iranians have defied Israeli and its American patrons. “But, paradoxically, it is Iran which is being targeted by the Arab world, including for its nuclear programme. Meanwhile, organizations such as the OIC and Arab League have become a sham,” he said.

He added the cynical and ruthless thug, Benjamin Netanyahu, who instigated the recent clashes to avoid going to jail for corruption, has been fully exposed. “But Netanyahu’s acceptance of a ceasefire, despite his bluster, indicates that the barrage of Hamas rocket attacks forced his hand, more than any other form of pressure,” he said.

Akram said this underscores the reality of asymmetrical warfare that the Palestinians will win by not losing while Israel will lose by not winning. Eventually, the Palestinian struggle will succeed, leading to the creation of a Palestinian state.

The occupying Zionist militias launched their brutal attacks and aggressions against the Gaza Strip and the Palestinians on Monday, May 10th.

Palestinian resistance groups also fired rockets into the occupied territories in response to continued Zionist aggression and attacks on Gaza.

After 12 days of inability to stop the rocket attacks of the resistance groups in Gaza, the Zionist regime unanimously agreed to a ceasefire in a three-hour meeting on May 20.


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