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US support prolongs Israeli crimes against Palestinians: Tunisian diplomat

Tehran, May 23, IRNA – The former Tunisia ambassador to Tehran said that despite the ceasefire in Gaza, the Israeli regime’s crimes against Palestinians and a sustainable peace in the Middle East are not expected to come to an end as long as the United States continues to support Israeli occupation and aggression.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, Mohammad Ibrahim Hasiri criticized the United States for vetoing about 50 resolutions of UN Security Council on Palestine in favor of the Israeli regime; a fact that Hasiri believes to have prevented the UN from the resolutions.

He also said that the US recently blocked a simple statement drafted by Tunisia, Norway, and China aimed at encouraging deescalation in Gaza. Washington instead supported the Israeli regime’s ‘right to self-defense’ while denying the same right for Palestinians.

Asked about the West’s double standard on human rights, Hasiri underlined that Western countries not only have double standard on human rights, but they behave the same way when it comes to the very concept of ‘right’ and Palestine is a good example of such behavior.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been trying in the last 20 years to occupy Palestinian lands and displace them and oppress their resistance by expanding settlements, according to Hasiri who has served as Tunisian ambassador in Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Mauritania and Indonesia.

He stated that Washington’s treacherous behavior and its complicity with Israel has led to disturbing of balance of power on the ground and superiority of power over law.

This is encouraging the occupying force to avoid negotiations and continue its occupation in Palestinian lands in light of US support, the Tunisian diplomat said.

Hasiri mentioned the US objection to the attempts in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to announce the Middle East a nuclear-weapon-free zone, adding that Washington’s aim was to maintain the status quo in which Israel is the only holder of nuclear weapons in the region.

Asked about the Israeli strike flattening the building housing media offices in Gaza, Hasiri expressed no doubt that the measure was to cut the media coverage of the crime the regime committed during the Twelve-Day War.

But due to the fact that the strike was carried out by the Israeli regime, the diplomat said that the Western countries merely expressed their concern in vague statements and only made conservative requests, addressing not directly the Israeli regime but ‘parties involved’.

Instead, the Western counties, according to Hasiri, were willing to legitimize the Israeli crimes and highlight its claims that the destroyed building was housing Hamas leaders.

During the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, 248 civilians, including 66 children, 39 women and 17 elderly people, were killed and 1,948 others were injured.


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