Ending Zionist occupation only solution to Palestine issue: Pakistani think tank head  

Islamabad, May 19, IRNA -- President of Pakistan's Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) criticized the international community for remaining silent on the situation in Gaza, and stressed that the only solution to the Palestinian problem is "ending the Zionist occupation from the land of Jerusalem".

In an exclusive interview with IRNA on Wednesday, Farhat Asif said "as a humanitarian and human rights activist I would like to condemn the Zionist aggression against innocent Palestinians".

“Targeting innocent Palestinians and killing young children and armless women is a constant feature of Israel," she pointed out.

The expert went on to say "we have seen that Israel has been constantly killing people and taking the land of innocent Palestinians". 

She said this aggression started when the Israeli people began their settlements in Gaza region and displaced the innocent people from their homes.

“It is the right of the Palestinians to stop this aggression but Israelis armed with huge weapons and strongest technology killing the young innocent people in Palestine,” said the analyst.

Expressing her views, Farhat Asif said this genocide has been increasing and the international community is quiet and they are not doing anything instead of asking UN Security Council’s conference here and there even the Muslim countries are not taking any strong stance and united effort.

“The OIC has just given a statement but few countries like Iran and Pakistan have strongly condemned these acts but we need unity in Muslim countries to raise a strong voice for the rights of innocent Palestinians,” she said.  

President IPDS feared that this Israeli aggression has the potential of becoming a large scale war because the countries who are supporting Zionist regime and those who are supporting Palestinians can jump into this conflict.

“The world should look at this conflict with caution because until and unless we resolve this issue peacefully and ask Israelis to withdraw from Palestinian land, peace cannot be restored in the region,” she viewed.  

Farhat Asif said currently we are facing a huge pandemic so this issue should be resolved peacefully.

She said Israel’s aggression and abusive behavior towards Palestinians is continuing and that is why it targeted media houses in Gaza to stop the spread of accurate information about the Israeli atrocities.

“But the voice of Palestinians cannot be silenced and people on the ground would be keen on sharing their stories through different channels,” said the analyst.

Asif said these human rights abuses by an illegal state are not new and have been happening for last seven decades but they should be stopped now.  

Despite the anger around the world against the criminal and inhumane acts of the Zionist regime, so far the world powers claiming to be the champions of human rights and the United Nations as the largest international body for the protection of human rights have taken no practical action to stop the Zionist attacks in Gaza.

On Friday a nationwide demonstration in Pakistan called "Day of Solidarity with Palestine" is scheduled to be held at the initiative of the Pakistani government with the participation of all political and religious parties.


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