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Rabbi depicts Zionism as worst disaster for Jews

Tehran, May 16, IRNA - Opposition to Zionism will be mostly beneficial for the Jewish people, because this phenomenon is the most dangerous disaster that has happened for the Jews over the past 150 years, a Rabbi says.

Rabbi Ahron Cohen, a spokesperson for Neturei Karta in the United Kingdom, said that the opposition to the existence of Israel and Zionism is not only a matter of the Muslim World, adding that human rights organizations and peace activists have expressed concern about what is happening in the occupied lands of Palestine, according to Iranian media. 

The Jewish people from around the globe are against the Zionist regime, because they believe that the establishment of a Jewish government in Palestine is in contradiction to the Jewish religion and God's will, Cohen warned.

Neturei Karta is considered a religious faction of Haredi Jews, who officially created this group in Jerusalem (the Holy Quds), Palestine, when the Palestinian territories were under British Mandate in 1938.

Thousands of Orthodox Jews are of the opinion that Zionism is a "poison," which is threatening real Jews.

According to the spokesman for Neturei Karta, part of the Zionism's problem relates to the Zionists' inhuman behavior towards Palestine and the Palestinians.

He went on to say that the relationship between Jews and the Palestinian people dates back to thousands years ago, when they were living together in peace, but the Zionists' migration to Palestine has been a source of problem in the territory.

Referring to the fact that Neturei Karta is not a political group because its members pursue religious living style, the Rabbi noted that it is time for removal of Zionism and establishment of a Palestinian state.

The establishment of a government, which is accepted by all Jews and non-Jews of Palestine, can create peace and security in the country and stop occupying others' lands.


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