Tel Aviv’s invasion against media center assault against freedom of expression

London, May 16, IRNA – A prominent member of the largest British anti-war campaign reiterated in an exclusive interview with IRNA on Saturday that destroying the International Media Center in Gaza by the occupier regime of Quds was an invasion against freedom of expression, aimed at monopolizing information dissemination on occupied Palestine.

Stephan Bell who was speaking with us after his participation in a vast anti-Zionist rally of the British people on Saturday evening told the IRNA correspondent in London that in the course of the ongoing war, the Israeli government is determined to block the path for any news that is not in line with its own policies, which is broadly against the free flowing of information.

The Zionist regime’s army has throughout the past few days been involved in a quite brutal invasion against the Gaza Strip residents, which has thus far led to massacring and martyring hundreds of mostly civilian Palestinians, who are mainly comprised of elderly folks, women and children.

In latest development, in a criminal act that is broad violation of the international laws, the Zionist army targeted the International Media Center in Borj ul-Jala, in which the offices of a number of important world media were located.

Among them there were the offices of Al-Jazeera, the Associated Press, and the France Press, all commissioned to report the news on Gaza. The broadcast films on the Israeli invasion against this bridge show that it is leveled to ground in the Zionists’ aggressive move.

Stephane Bell also told our reporter that destroying the Borj ul-Jala, in which the Al-Jazeera and AP offices were stationed is a sign of attacking the freedom of expression, but the Palestinians are known as peaceful and freedom-loving people, who will not yield to the monopolizing of their news by Israeli and pro-Israeli imperialist media.

The anti-war activist said that the dissemination of news will continue in the social media virtual networks, reiterating that the freedom-loving voice of the Palestinians will also be heard in the worldwide rallies around the world.

“The buildings can be destroyed, but the truth cannot be killed,” he added.

Earlier, the managing director of AP had expressed worries about Israel’s intention to invade Borj ul-Jala, stressing that Israel was well aware that many international news offices were stationed there.

Garry Prut, a communique on the issue, wrote: We were terrified hearing that the Israeli army had attacked the building in which the AP Office and a number of other international media were located in Gaza. It has been a long time that they know that the reporters are located there and they are involved merely in professional media work.

More than 100,000 British people, mostly Londoners, including a large number of civil rights activists, human rights defenders and anti-war people participated in this rally. In addition, large crowds in various other British large and small cities participated in similar rallies chanting anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian slogans, asking for immediate measures by the International community to end the Israeli aggression in occupied Palestine.


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