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Peace, democracy and resistance against Zionist insurgence

Tehran, May 15, IRNA – The 21st century had a stormy beginning. From the terrorist attack to the twin towers of World Trade Center and the US retaliatory strike to Afghanistan and Iraq and killing and displacement of millions of innocent people to bloody wars in Syria and Yemen and continuation of Israeli occupation in Palestine and US maximum pressure against Iranian nation, all shout only two words "extremism" and "fundamentalism", wrote government spokesman Ali Rabiei in a memo in IRNA.

It’s not far-fetched to describe the new century as an era of violent extremism from its very beginning but in the middle of this extremism there can be heard voices of open-mindedness and love for freedom, Rabiei added.

He added that Iran turned to the center target of Zionist extremism and ISIS terrorism, because it tried to unsettle the atrocious order and give a spirit of demand of change to three generations beyond regional borders.

Iranians, in these years, didn’t chose the other extreme of the spectrum but they chose the moderate path based on enlightenment, because the only way to defeat extremism is by expanding the spirit of freedom and democracy and make other nations involved, in addition to tireless fight against terrorism, the spokesman further wrote.

That’s why, according to Rabiei, multinational extremist led by the Israeli regime spared no effort to kill the agreement signed between Iran and world powers which had no intention but to promote peace outside and welfare inside.

The same extremists decided to commit a new crime in Gaza in recent days after they failed to isolate the moderate attitude derived from Iran’s Islamic Revolution, he stated in the memo.

New generation in different countries, especially in European countries, have displayed their hatred of the Israeli regime’s oppression and their passion to defend Palestinians, so that there can still be seen a spirit of freedom among people despite the politicized world which has been stuck in the coronavirus pandemic, said Rabiei.

He cited Iran’s Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei saying that the power balance is changing in favor of Palestinians, adding that in these days which everything was proper to make the issue of Palestine the first priority of the world, a stabbing in the back of the Islamic Ummah was struck this time in Afghanistan but with a familiar extent of atrocity, killing school children in Kabul, soaking their books in blood.

Rabiei emphasized in his memo that the best way out of violence, whether its Israeli violence or ISIS violence, is regional cooperation with responsible countries  with the purpose of bringing peace back to the region.


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