May 15, 2021, 12:56 PM
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Islamic world expected to deal with Israeli crimes

Tehran, May 15, IRNA – The recent crimes committed by the Zionist regime and its actions, which are violating the international laws, are at a level that all Arab and Islamic countries should create special mechanisms to deal with the atrocities against the Palestinian people.

What the Zionist regime is doing in the Gaza Strip is undoubtedly a war crime and crime against humanity and kind of genocide. The international community issues political statements as always and it tries to maintain balance in order to avoid using the communiques against Israel; so, the community does not take practical, diplomatic or legal measures.

Israel is committing clear crime, which saddens conscience of every human-being. The international community including world organizations, civil groups, and human rights bodies as well as governments are entitled to support internationally recognized regulations and values.

Israel pounds residential buildings by using the most advanced weapons, while the Gaza Strip is densely populated and the buildings are full of children, women and old people.

The oppressed Palestinians, who are living in the Gaza Strip, are under siege. The usurping regime hinders delivery of humanitarian aids into the besieged area and bombards the people, while they are deprived of receiving medicine and food.

The international community and the regional states are expected to take decisive action to stop massacre and holocaust of millions of innocent Palestinians.  

The issue of Palestine is not only a matter for the Islamic and Arab world, but it is a human catastrophe; so, the whole humanity and the international community should take responsibility to stop the ongoing crime.

The world organizations and bodies, who are the flag-bearers of supporting human rights, should know that other countries monitor their behavior when it comes to dealing with crimes against the Palestinian people.

Since the atrocities against the Palestinians are intolerable, all countries should create special national, regional, and international mechanisms to stand against the heinous crimes.

There are some legal suggestions for Arab and Muslim governments to do:

-    All countries should ratify a national law to condemn genocide and crime against humanity committed by the Zionist regime,

-    Based on the national laws, courts of every country should be able to prosecute the Israeli criminals,

-    Legal authorities should be tasked with arresting the criminals,

-    The Islamic nations can ratify a judicial convention under the framework of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to take action against perpetrators of genocide,

-    The Islamic and Arab countries should help create an independent entity to collect documents of Israeli crimes,

-    Countries should help form a committee to investigate the atrocities and report them to the international human rights organizations.

Experience shows that Islamic countries cannot wait for the international community to show their seriousness when it comes to the Israeli crimes.


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