May 15, 2021, 10:59 AM
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Downfall of Zionist myth

Tehran, May 15, IRNA - The 73-year-old wound of Palestine opened because of usurping of Palestinian houses in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem al-Quds, and the Zionist regime's oppression and discrimination against the Palestinians led to a public uprising, Iran newspaper reported.

Mosayyeb Naimi, a Middle East expert and managing director of al-Wefaq newspaper, wrote a memo, which has been published by Iran newspaper on Saturday. He noted: Al-Quds Intifada continued in previous years and decades, but the situation on the ground and in international arena is different this time.

Since the Western countries and especially the United States are grappling with COIVD-19 pandemic and the economic crisis caused by the disease; they cannot accept political and economic aftermaths of atrocities committed by the Zionist regime. The resistance groups in Palestine have increased their military capabilities; therefore, they are ready more than ever to pursue the Palestinian cause and fight for the liberation of Palestine.

Despite the fact that the Palestinian resistance movements' weaponry cannot be compared with the Israelis' arms, the Palestinians are able to change balance of horror in favor of Palestine, which is similar to the strategy of Lebanon's Hezbollah movement in the face of the Zionist army.

Undoubtedly, the Zionist regime will attempt to pound Palestinian cities and destroy residential buildings, but the Tel Aviv regime is not capable of going ahead with a prolonged conflict in particular when it feels insecurity in settlements; then, the regime will be pushed to accept a ceasefire that involves new conditions from the Palestinian side.

The Zionist regime has a greater problem, which is lack of information on the precise military might of the resistance movement front especially the weapons in the hands of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

The Palestinian resistance groups have got good experiences during previous wars; so, they plan to expand the scope of conflict and create fear and panic among the Zionists. As a result of such tactics, more than 70 percent of the Zionists have been forced to go to shelters, settlers living near border of the Gaza Strip have left their homes, airports have been closed and rich Zionists have started reverse migration. Another important issue is that the al-Aqsa Intifada involves the most occupied territories.

The grilling of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by rival factions proves that the high-ranking figures of the Zionist regime are horrified. They see the crisis as Netanyahu's policy in a bid to maintain power. The Israeli politicians acknowledge that the continuation of the conflict can lead to a devastating situation for the existence of the Zionist regime.

The consequence of the erosive war will change balance of power in the occupied Palestine, because the Palestinians have no other choice than a decisive battle.

The Palestinian people suffered from seven decades of displacement, cruelty and massacre and saw no tangible international action to stop the Zionist regime's crimes; thus, the oppressed nation want to decide their own fate even if they pay a high price for liberation of Palestine.

It is worth mentioning that the role of media is very significant in revealing the real nature of the Zionist regime, which is killing children and innocent civilians.


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