All political views should be represented in election: Gov't spox

Tehran, May 11, IRNA - Government spokesman Ali Rabiei called on broader participation in the upcoming presidential election in Iran and urged all political views to be represented in the election.

As the registration for presidential election began in Iran today, Rabiei pointed to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s emphasis on the election as a factor that fortifies the pillars of the country’s authority.

Based on the guidelines, Rabiei said that the administration would leverage all its power, in accordance with the constitution, to secure an all-out participation in the election by Iranians.

He underlined that the 2021 presidential election in Iran is in line with 42 years of practicing democracy and thus, any election must be better in terms of participation and competitiveness.

“This means that all political attitudes, all strata of people and all viewpoints must be represented in nominations for the election,” Rabiei further explained.

In the wake of recent notification by Iran’s Guardian Council that determines specific conditions for nominees, government spokesman said that the council is nether qualified to regulate nor can it inform any regulation.

The Guardian Council is assigned by the constitution to review regulations by the parliament if they are in compliance with the constitution and the Islamic Sharia. It is also the authority to vet nominees for elections in Iran.

Rabiei also said that the notification sent by the Guardians Council to the Interior Ministry, the entity which executes the election, has legal faults and could impact people’s participation negatively.

Terrorist attack in Afghanistan, Israeli violence in Palestine

The spokesman also made remarks on the terrorist attack in Afghanistan, describing it as ‘stabbing in the back of the Muslim Ummah’ made in a time when Iran is practicing an active diplomacy to develop regional friendship and good ties among regional states.

A terrorist attack in front of a girls’ school in Kabul, Afghanistan has killed 63 people and injured 150 more.

He also said that Iran couldn’t keep quiet about the crimes that the Israeli regime is committing in the Holy Quds city.


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