Rouhani: Establishment of Anti-Corona disease headquarters 1st effective management move

Tehran, May 8, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said here on Saturday that the establishment of the Anti-Corona Disease Headquarters was the first effective management move in Iran against that pandemic.

Speaking with a group of the Health, Therapeutic, and Medical Training Ministry and the managers of a number of active pharmaceutical companies involved in production of the Corona vaccine, Ruhani said that since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in Iran in winter of 2018 we have left behind numerous sensitive phases.

Adopting emergency and resolute decisions, coupled with the selfless performance of the medicare teams, and the people’s cooperation by observation of the health protocols have hand-in hand with one another has led to the peace of mind of our people in the society, added President Rouhani.

He said that on the first days of returning home the Iranian university students from Wuhan, China everyone was worried, because the speed of spreading this disease in the world had created public panic about this unknown virus and disease and there were different viewpoints, including where to quarantine the returned Iranian students from Wuhan and even the hospitals refrained from admitting them.

During the past 50 years the human beings had not been faced with any pandemy, and the medical progress achieved had made everyone hopeful for ending the pandemy, but the outspread of the disease, even in medically advanced countries with complicated and advanced medical apparatus, huge investments to fight the disease, and excellent expert people diminished that initial optimism,” said President Rouhani.

Rouhani also focused on the difficulties with which Iran has been faced in effective encountering with Corona disease due to the unjustly imposed US sanction, such as money transfer, difficulties in importing goods, and even medicine, vaccines and medical facilities, which were all removed thanks to God’s Will and the nation’s strong determination, especially the medical team, the pharmaceutical researchers and the hospitals’ selfless staffs.


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