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Collapse of Zionism imminent : Senior Iraqi Shia political figure

Tehran, May 5, IRNA--  Secretary General of the Iraqi Scientific Association " Saqlain" referring to the provocation of the Zionist regime among Islamic countries, said that their failure and destruction is guaranteed according to the Holy Quran 's verses.

Fouad Kazem Al–Meghdadi made the remarks in the Second International Congress of Holy Quds which is underway in the city Qom on Tuesday afternoon.

He added that West under a plan has always created instability in the Middle East so that nobody could pose a threat to Zionist regime. 

“Israel is doing crimes against humanity.  Muslim Ummah has been de-tracked from its target,” he said.

Expressing his views, the senior Iraqi political figure said unity of Muslims is the only way to fight the western conspiracies. “Peace cannot be brought until the issue of Palestine is settled,” he strongly believed.
Secretary General of the Iraqi Scientific Association " Saqlain" said Palestine is an international issue and should not be forgotten.

“Muslim Ummah has to unite to end the illegal occupation of the Palestine by the Zionist regime,” he pointed out.

Imam Khomeini said in a speech about Quds day that Quds day is a day in which "the oppressed stand against the arrogant… the day the oppressed around the world should prepare against the arrogant and defeat them. It is the day of the fight of nations who have been under pressure by the United States and others", the senior Shia political figure added.

Second International Congress of Holy Quds started work virtually in Qom in the presence of national and international figures aiming to commemorate the World Quds Day.  The event’s speeches will be held in Persian, English and Arabic.

Participants discussed the issue of Palestine, human rights, Zionist regime tricks for occupying Holy Quds, UN resolutions on Quds, Palestine and the Islamic Ummah. 

The event is being held with participation of 30 scientific and cultural figures from Iran, Palestine, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, France, Argentina, Iraq, Turkey, Chile, UAE, Lebanon, Syria, UK, Canada and Tunisia on May 4-5. 

In Ramadan of 1979, the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini designated the lat Friday of the holy month as the Quds day to the world and said in a speech: "I call on all Muslims and Muslim governments to unite in order to get the hands of this occupier (Israel) and it supporters off Palestine and call on all Muslims around the world to name the last Friday of Ramadan month as the 'Quds Day' and declare the international solidarity of Muslims in supporting legal rights of (Palestinian) Muslims."

Since then, the world's freedom-seekers, especially in Islamic countries, have been staging massive rallies and organized special ceremonies to mark the occasion.

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