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World  Quds Day: Historical strategy to highlight Palestinian cause

Tehran, April 4, IRNA – TheWorld Quds Day is one of the most important events in today’s world to highlight the Palestinian cause as the main issue of the Islamic world and try to remind the oppressed people’s agony to other nations.

More than 70 years after international community made the historical mistake and endorsed new kind of exploitation and land theft this time not by the Western powers but by the Zionist regime; so, the oppressed Palestinians are still suffering from the neo-colonialism.

The international community is well aware that the Zionist regime continues to usurp the Palestinian territories and oppress the people, but its inaction provides the regime to get away with the punishment of its crimes and go ahead with usurping the Palestinian lands, violate international regulations, construct illegal settlements, kill innocent people of Palestine and hold the Arab nation captive for so many years.

The international Quds Day is one of the most significant strategies of late Imam Khomeini, who warned the threat of the Zionist regime to the world Muslims on August 7, 1979.

The day is considered an opportunity to reflect the voice of the voiceless Palestinians, who are living under the oppression of the Zionist regime.

 Theodor Herzl, founder of the political form of Zionism and an Austrian journalist, called for establishment of a Jewish government and a home for European Jews 135 years ago. 

The fall of Ottoman Empire provided the colonial powers with the opportunity to find a territory to push ahead with the plans introduced by Herzl. Britain was granted a Mandate for Palestine on 25 April 1920 and this mandate was approved by the League of Nations. The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was a proposal by the United Nations, which recommended a partition of Mandatory Palestine at the end of the British Mandate.

The Zionist regime usurped a swath of Palestinian lands following the Six-Day War with Arab states in 1967. The United Nations Security Council approved resolutions to announce that land acquisition by the military might is illegal, but the regime has continued its method of land theft and neglected international laws.

There are numerous historical examples of crimes against the Palestinians by the Zionist regime.

The cause of Palestine is one of the main issues that the United Nations should attach importance to the agony of the oppressed nation.


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