May 1, 2021, 1:01 PM
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Diplomat: We will not forget partners during sanctions

Tehran, May 1, IRNA - Iran will not forget its partners of difficult sanction era, Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Rasoul Mohajer.

In an interview with IRNA, Mohajer said as the US withdrew from JCPOA, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif changed the structure of the Foreign Ministry and formed the economic diplomacy department.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently tried to reinforce its economic aspect, he added. 

While all Iranian banks are sanctioned, the ministry monitors the international situation and tries to pave the way for establishing interactions with other countries, Mohajer said. 

He stressed the importance of developing economic relations with neighbors, noting that the UAE is Iran's third economic partner that - despite political differences between the two countries - is offering Iran more stable conditions in bilateral relations than with Saudi Arabia.

The US Administration and all American institutions are seeking to close all Iran’s economic openings, the official added, stressing that the full-scale economic war is not an exaggeration. 

In recent years, all Iranian banks and shipping companies have been sanctioned, and the Americans have tried to prevent Iranian ships from sailing, he went on to note.

Referring to the growth of Iran's non-oil exports growth, the senior diplomat said that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, numerous world countries are facing economic recession. 

Perhaps there are only a few countries whose economic growth was not negative since the pandemic, he said, adding that Iran's economy was not immune to the depression, while, in addition to the effects of the Corona pandemic and the subsequent wide closures, Iran's economy was grappling with harsh US sanctions that caused the country to stagnate.

Iran tried to develop ties with neighbors and important countries such as China, India and Russia during the time, he said.

The foreign ministry official went on to say that China with 26% of import and export share is Iran's first economic partner.

The UAE and Afghanistan are the next importers of Iranian non-oil good, Mohajer noted.

The Iran-China 25-year cooperation document is a symbol of balance in foreign relations, he further reiterated.

He described Iran as the most independent country in the world, saying even the United States is not independent and its policies depend on the Zionist regime.

Iran's relations with European countries are smaller than with its neighbors "because Europe owes itself to US policies and has not even been able to develop its economic relations with Iran through the INSTEX mechanism."

Mohajer also pointed to the visit of the South Korean prime minister to Iran, saying it aimed at developing relations with Iran.


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