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How to mark Earth Day?

Tehran, April 24, IRNA – In the 51st anniversary of the Earth Day, the planet earth is experiencing a dire situation, which predicts the future of resilience of the planet has not been as dark and dim as it is today, Iran newspaper wrote in a article on Saturday.

Mohammad Darvish, head of environment committee in Iran branch of the UNESCO, wrote that in fact more than sixty countries including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Canada, China, Russia and Britain exceeded the line of violating global threshold of producing greenhouse gases dubbed as the Overshoot by April 22, 2021.

That means they have reached their annual threshold in less than four months, Darvish said, warning that Iran does not have a better situation in this respect and that except for certain states such as Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka, the consumption attitude by human-beings is irrelevant to the ecology of their countries; thus, the world nations require a plant twice as much as the planet earth, and that is an unbelievable catastrophe.

If the trend goes on, the lives of 75 percent of earth residents will come to an end till the end of the 21st century, he mentioned, noting that the Earth Day was determined as a result of vigilance of people who fought discrimination, violence and crimes in Vietnam war, but the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the human-beings have not yet developed.

The writer proposed seven ways to preserve the common planet:
1-    Let’s read books and offer them to our friends
2-    Let’s avoid using cars and instead try to use bicycles or walk
3-    Let’s reduce consumption of animal proteins to lessen greenhouse gas emissions
4-    Let’s use cloth shopping bag instead of plastic bag
5-    Let’s stop using elevator in building with less than three floors
6-    Let’s minimize the production of waste per capita
7-    Let’s help environment activists to preserve forests


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