Apr 17, 2021, 12:39 PM
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How Europe can defend human rights? 

Tehran, April 17, IRNA - In a worthless and showy act, the European Union imposed sanctions on eight commanders and noble Iranian officials. Union leaders have imposed the sanctions because of what has been called "human rights abuses in Iran.

" Europe falsely claims to defend human rights. The union has boycotted those who have fought and defeated terrorism in Syria and Iraq for years. It is recalled that ISIL and al-Qaeda were created and developed with the support of the United States and Europe.

The European Union (EU) has imposed sanctions on a number of people who have fought against drug traffickers for many years. Through sacrifice and martyrdom, they prevented drugs from entering Europe.

European utilitarian countries such as Britain, France and Germany, which have turned a blind eye to Saudi Arabia's inhumane crimes against the Yemeni people due to the sale of weapons to Saudi rulers at high prices, today falsely claim to be human rights defenders. These countries, which are allied with the Zionist regime in the massacre of defenseless Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and which support a country like France that committed crimes by blinding the demonstrators, are now open to defending human rights.

According to historical documents, no country has committed more crimes against the people of other countries as Britain and France. The French committed genocide many times in Africa, especially in Algeria. When confronted by the Algerian opposition, French troops built a lake of oil and threw large crowds of men, women and children into the lake and set it on fire. In India, the British detained about 6,000 anti-British demonstrators in a garden and then shot them all. Can these criminals claim rights?

Today, human rights in Western societies, including Europe, face serious challenges in theoretical and behavioral dimensions, and European society is on the path of degeneration from a civilized society to a savage society. In Europe, under the pretext of the originality of freedom, the human sterilization and anti-infertility movement has been activated and those who sterilize themselves are being rewarded. However, with the sterilization of human beings, human beings will no longer be born to have the right to defend themselves.

Europe promotes and encourages same-sex marriage in support of "freedom of marriage". In this way, a human being is no longer born who needs to defend his rights. The prevalence of incest after the age of 16, which is completely contrary to human nature and the teachings of the divine prophets, is another European sedition and a clear violation of human nature.

Today, the Islamic world is in a serious civilizational challenge with Europe. There is no doubt that Islam is the source of the defense of human rights, and what is being said in the West is not only human rights but also anti-human dignity.

Disclosure of human rights violations by Westerners, including the United States and Europe, the introduction of Western human rights as one of the components of the decline of morality and the explanation of the principles of Islamic human rights are important issues for research.

In addition, the judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which must perform their official duties to condemn human rights violations in the West, scholars, academics, and researchers must also introduce Islamic human rights and critique human rights in the West. Come to the square and play a role in defending humanity in this civilization challenge.

Undoubtedly, undermining and exposing the ugliness of the principles of liberal democracy can lead to the creation of a new Islamic civilization, which is the ultimate goal of the Islamic Revolution.


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