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Secret int’l pacts and sending messages to competitors

London, April 4, IRNA – Secret contracts by the friendly countries often send massages to competitors, they might publish the news on signing them, while keeping the secrecy of the context.

According to the IRNA correspondent in London’s Saturday morning analysis, 
of course, logically speaking the security and defense pacts between two non-allied countries should not be secret, and both sides consider their interest in remaining committed to the agreement, and therefore, they believe that the international society should be well aware of the text of the bilateral agreements. Therefore, the secret pacts are often signed between the friendly and allied countries.

The United States, quite in discordance with its civil laws, usually refrains from revealing the details of its agreements with foreign countries so long as possible. According to a report by the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate in the year 2017, only 9% of the non-abiding US agreements with foreign countries between the years 1978 and 1999 were secret agreements.

According to the same report the comparative figure in the year 2009 was between 5 to 15% of the US foreign agreements. Also, based on a report published in the year 2016, the US administration had signed at least 708 agreements with the foreign countries between the years 2004 and 2014 whose texts were never published publicly.

That is while all those pacts were not secret agreements and only a small percentage of them were so. The same report indicates that even the US Senate does not know how many secret pacts the US administration signed between 2009 and 2016.

The US administration, or in fact the US Secretary of State, have no obligation for revealing the texts of the pacts they sign, or presenting their texts to the people. Yet, the news about signing them with the country with which they are signed and their dates are officially announced. That is while some of those pacts despite all those considerations are totally denied. At the US Foreign Office, in accordance with the mentioned research, even the existence of such agreements is sometimes denied.

Based on that report, at the US Foreign Office there is not even any particular bureau for preserving such international agreements. The laws make it obligatory for the US administration and all other ministries and organizations to forward a copy of any signed international contract to the Foreign Office, but the research works on the issue show that those laws are often breached.

In another research it is indicated that based on the laws on free flow of information, the US admiration only agreed with revealing full information and full texts of only 61 international agreements between the years 1994 and 2018, which is according to experts only a very small percentage of the signed foreign pacts. That is while in the US laws there is generally speaking strong emphasis made on the need for transparency in foreign relations.

The research works also indicate that the number of the US secret pacts drastically increased ever since the US administrations began their so-called campaign against terrorism, so that between the years 2001 and 2006 no US foreign agreements were publicly published.

It can be generally said that the US administrations during the 1990s began more conservative and keeping in mind the end of the Cold War and the victory of the United States in it, the greater extent of conservative tendency of the US administrations after the Cold War dose not even seem logical.

In the research in which reference to the public publication of 61 agreements is reported, the texts of defense and security pact with the Middle Eastern countries are more often revealed. Atop them, there are the test of eight agreements with Israel, after which Japan ranks 2nd with seven agreements.

95% of the foreign agreements, as mentioned above are defense and security pacts signed between the United States and its allied and friend countries.

Naturally, the agreements signed between the United States and its competitors should be more inclined towards transparency.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the United Nations, as the main source for international crisis resolving, favors transparency of the international pacts.

Based on the UN regulations, the countries cannot file complaints either there or at the International Court of Justice if they have not formerly established the texts of those agreements at the UN.

This means the US administration can only file complaints about those 61 pacts at those international organizations out of thousands of the foreign pacts it has signed, although the United States has no worries in that respect, as its sees no obstacle in the way of breaching the international pacts it has signed, needless of the UN or the International Court of Justice agreement, or disagreement.

The American media, too, usually do not insist on the need for public revealing of such pacts. For instance, the New York Times magazine, that is famous for publication of its controversial research-based reports, has never mentioned the 2017 US agreement with Oman of the 2018 US pact with Egypt.

Among such secret pacts we can refer to the 1994 US administration’s agreement with the apartheid government of South Africa on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. A contract was signed shortly after the signing of that agreement shortly after which South Africa totally annihilated its entire nuclear facilities. Therefore, those two must have been logically related.

In other words, the United States and the former apartheid regime of South Africa secretly agreed of destroying that country’s nuclear facilities so that the free South African regime that came to power after that will not have any access or information about it, or about its technology. No one has any information about the details of that agreement or pact though.

Also, no one knows anything about the 2015 agreement between the Unites States and Greece, the 2017 agreement with Qatar, or eight or more pacts with Israel.

The details of the secret commercial talks between the Americans the EU between the years 2010 and 2014, too, were never revealed despite the massive demonstrations of the European nations. The reached agreement, known as the TTIP, is said to be the largest commercial agreement in the world history.

In the year 2015 an online campaign for halting the implementation of the TTPI was launched and it gained over 3 million signatures. In the year 2016 the former US president Barak Obama during a state visit of Britain received an open letter signed by 130 thousand signatures of British social activists, demanding the two governments to halt the implementation of the TTPI.

In November 2019 during the British elections that led to the victory of the Conservative Party and premiership of Boris Johnson, the head of the Labor Party of the time, Jeremy Corbin revealed a document about the secret talks between the British government and the US, which was rejected by Boris Johnson as fake and fabricated news.

Corbin had published the 450-page text on the sensitive parts of the TTPI negotiations, inclusive of giving the British Public Health System’s management to a private sector American firm. He had claimed that six rounds of secret talks were held from the year 2017 up to then.


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