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Iran’s constructive foreign policy approach foils Iranophobia projects

Tehran, March 23, IRNA – Ever since the victory of Islamic Revolution, Tehran has many times been subjected to antagonist approaches and overt and covert Iranophobia plots hatched by various countries.

But Iran has always preserved its strength, safeguarded country’s independence and territorial integrity, blocked the path of enemies’ antagonist tendencies, and adopted the constructive interactions approach in its relations with the world nations.

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran in its Article 10 elaborates on country’s foreign policy, in which some main axes as negating the hegemony of foreign powers, and refraining from imposing its own hegemony, preserving the country’s independence, and refraining from interfering in internal affairs of other nations are stressed.

Accordingly, the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy in various periods of its existence has been based on constructive interactions and refraining from antagonist tendencies emphatically so that this approach coupled with Islamic Republic’s might aimed at encountering the country’s enemies are two arms at the service of stabilizing Iran’s status at the international society.

That is while many antagonist countries have on various occasions pursued their enmities and ill intentions in pursuit of certain interests and tendencies against our country and the Iranian nation, by creating hue and cry in media and presenting a fake and distorted image of the Islamic Republic to the world nations.

One of the covert keywords used by the enemies in media is conveying the message of Iranophobia at the international scene, by making baseless accusations and claims, among which the most famous one is on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, that they claim is aimed at military purposes.

Countering such policies by Iran could only be based on rejecting them as sheer falsehood, or by launching counterattacks by the country’s foreign diplomacy apparatus, but the Islamic Republic’s policy, based on the articles of IRI Constitution, especially after President Rouhani’s government took charge, has been based on diplomacy and holding dialogues.

The nuclear talks with world powers and achieving a comprehensive agreement, although only around the axis of the Iranian nuclear program, conveyed the message at the foreign policy scene that despite the existence of numerous UN Security Council resolutions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the policy of holding dialogues and interacting with the world, it is possible to rule out the baseless claims, such as those against the Iranian peaceful nuclear program, and to prove Iran’s strong logic to the world nations.

This was also reflected in recent remarks of the Supreme Leader of the revolution, where he said: They say that the Islamic Republic is unfriendly and antagonist against all the entire world; that is not true, as the Islamic Republic has several times proved the reverse, despite the enemies’ claims.

During the recent years President Rouhani’s government has more actively pursued the constructive interactions’ policy in foreign relations aimed at distancing Iran’s foreign policy from becoming security-oriented.


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Saving Iran’s files from falling prey to UN Security Council victims and making diplomacy as the axis of political problem-resolving with the other countries have all been characteristics of this approach.

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