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AIPAC behind anti-JCPOA plots in US

New York, March 16, IRNA - As the Biden Administration has failed to meet election promises concerning the United States' return to the 2015 nuclear deal, pro-Zionist lobbies in the Congress have taken the opportunity to propose plans to make it difficult for the administration to come back to the international accord.

Since President Joe Biden has taken power in the White House, he underlined the need to rejoin the nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but members of the two main parties in the Congress showed different attitude towards the move, from a welcome gesture to total disapproval.

Some experts believe that Biden is dragging his feet because he requires the main senators' approval for his proposed nominees for important positions in the cabinet.

Bob Menendez, Senator from New Jersey, is one of the key players in the Senate, who has ruled out any attempt to come back to the nuclear deal. He has tried to get in the way of rejoining the JCPOA even if such a strategy might lead to a military conflict between the United States and Iran.

J Street, a pro-Zionist non-profit liberal advocacy group based in Washington, has reported that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has been behind a letter written by 70 democratic lawmakers, who urged President Biden to avoid returning the US to the JCPOA.

Politico, an American political journalism company, also reported in early March that it is possible that Biden adopts a harsher stance against Iran because he is afraid of annoying Menendez.

In 2015, Menendez disagreed with the Obama administration on the JCPOA. At the same time, the Obama's Department of Justice issued an indictment against Menendez on charges of corruption; however, the Zionist lobby supported the senator and he was acquitted.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister visited Washington in 2015, when he addressed the Congress without meeting the then US President Barack Obama in the White House in a bid to show his resentment to the Obama administration's attempt to cooperate with five world powers to strike a deal with Iran on its nuclear program.

New York Times has also written that Bob Menendez is a democratic politician, but he could attract pro-Israel voters from both political parties in the United States.

Biden wants to rejoin the JCPOA, but he knows this move will make the pro-Israel lobby very angry and that Menendez is much more powerful than the liberal pro-Israel lobby.

The right-wing pro-Israel lobby, including Jews and Christians, are the ones who attempt to portray the Islamic Republic as a threat to the security of the United States.

Despite the fact that the Biden administration is keen on pursuing a diplomatic solution in dealing with Iran and plots of certain republican and democrat elements in the Congress have not been successful yet, this is obvious that the Zionist lobby and Netanyahu himself do not spare any effort to get in the way of diplomacy.

Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, warned markets that they would suffer from big losses if republicans can take back Congress or the White House in the coming years.


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