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Revelation of Muhammad (PBUH), an end to human ignorance

Tehran, March 11, IRNA - The mission of the Prophet of Goodness and the Messenger of Kindness was the beginning of justice and truth in the world and the end of ignorance and negligence in human society.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was sent on his mission at a time when ignorance, lack of knowledge and misguidance prevailed humanity and people worshiped idols made by their own hands instead of worshiping God Almighty.

The people of that time were so caught up in ignorance and superstition that they considered their daughters a disgrace, and with the uttermost cruelty buried them alive. They did not hesitate to oppress the weak and kill the innocent and shed bloods as they pleased.

At the same time, God Almighty chose a messenger from among the ignorant and illiterate people, who, despite living among them, was free from all ignorance and superstition, who was known as Muhammad Amin for his honesty and truthfulness.

From the moment that the courier of revelation was brought to him from the Almighty God by reciting the sentence (Read: In the name of thy Lord Who createth) , the sun of truth and justice triumphed over the superstitious thoughts of humanity.

The revelation of the Messenger of Mercy took place on the 27th of Rajab in the year 13 AH, and since then the piety of the ignorant and superstitious people of that land began, and Muhammad (PBUH) endured many hardships and went through huge ordeals in this way, but he succeeded. They stood against all the coercion and oppression of the rulers of their time.

Today, if the infidels insult the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and try to offend Muslims, it is because of their fear of the spread of this school of thought introduced and prompted by the Holy Prophet who offered the humanity the message of kindness and universality.

Every year, with the arrival of the Eid al-Fitr of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Islamic Iran is overwhelmed with celebrations, people of Iran hold the celebrations of the resurrection of the Holy Prophet in religious places, prayer rooms, mosques and homes across the country.


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