Science, culture longstanding common dialogue for proximity of nations: President

Tehran, March 9, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said in a message to the 3rd International Gundi-Shapour Congress on Tuesday that science and culture are the longstanding common dialogue for proximity among nations, the common dialogue was upheld by ancient Iranians sponsors of the oldest university – Gundi Shapour.

In his written message to the congress, Rouhani thanked all scientists and students from Iran and other countries who attended the event to commemorate the 1750th anniversary of Gundi Shapour University, as the world's oldest university.

Rouhani described scientific and cultural ties between nations as being 'most lasting and most durable', stating that the broader these ties are, the deeper the sympathy and friendship among the nations become.

Referring to registration of Gundi Shapour as the world's oldest university by UNESCO, the President said that it's a proof that Iranians since ancient times have been heralding science and friendship.

He also underlined that Iranians today, following their ancestors, placed two occasions in their national days: 'The day of dialog and constructive interaction with the world' and 'The day of non-violence and non-extremism.'

"I believe the only durable and lasting way for proximity among nations is to return to lucid sources of science and culture, the same as our ancestors in Iran did by establishing the world's oldest university," Rouhani added.


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