Mar 7, 2021, 12:33 PM
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We should not procrastinate in the West

Tehran, March 7, IRNA - Recent developments against Iran's nuclear program in Europe, backed by the United States, are largely due to Iran's firm stance on the implementation of the Supreme Leader's statement that until the lifting of sanctions is complete, We will not return to our commitments. Only when the United States lifts the sanctions in practice and this issue is properly tested, then Iran is ready to fully fulfill its obligations again.

After this firm position of ours, as well as Iran's policy of suspending the implementation of the Additional Protocol for nuclear program, unfortunately, Europe and the United States again turned to pressure on Iran with miscalculation. First, they announced that they intended to pass a resolution against Iran in the Board of Governors of International atomic energy agency (IAEA), but Iran took a firm stand on this issue, stating that if this happens, the situation will become more complicated and new measures may be taken by Iran. Opposition from some other powers, such as Russia and China, as well as some European countries, including Austria, led European countries to withdrawal the proposed resolution against Iran. This approach of the Europeans was a logical approach and did not allow the situation to become more complicated and the knot of the nuclear deal to be blinded, but this does not mean that they have done a satisfactory action for Iran.

Iran will only be satisfied when the sanctions are lifted altogether, and I believe that retreating from this position is a negative point for Iran and will allow them to take further steps and increase their pressure on Iran under such headings as human rights.

Iran's action to repeal the Additional Protocol is a logical and rational step within the framework of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and we have the right under Article 36 of the UN Security Council that if the other party does not fulfill its obligations, we will not fulfill our obligations. This is a right, and so our work is perfectly legal, and our demand is perfectly acceptable to the international community. We were supposed to accept restrictions in the form of a nuclear deal, and the other side would lift all sanctions, and our financial relationship with the world would be normal. We implemented the restrictions, but the other side did not allow our financial relations with the world to be normalized, so we had the right to set aside our core restrictions.

In the current situation, the US hegemonic spirit and approach against Iran should not be allowed to be used again during the new US presidency. This approach has usually been supported by several European countries, and we should not allow this to happen again. Iran must continue to stand firm, and we must not back down from our position until the sanctions are lifted, following the policies of the Supreme Leader. At the same time, we should not procrastinate with the United States and Europe, because the lifting of sanctions and the satisfaction of Iran do not seem to be a priority for the Americans, and Mr. Biden's administration currently has other priorities at home and abroad. Iran officials in this situation should not act in such a way that people are waiting outside and the country's economy is suspended from the decisions of European countries and the United States. We must continue the path of economic resilience and pursue our right-wing demands, and this path will definitely be in the best interest of the Iranian people.


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