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Macro-scale water transfer project transfers water to 3 Iranian eastern provinces

Mashhad, March 2, IRNA – Once completed, the Oman Sea water transfer macro-scale project from Chabahar coasts to three eastern Iranian provinces after research and technical studies and lots of ups and downs and consumption of the transferred water to those provinces will start in very near future.

The water desalination and transfer project that transfers water from Chabahar coasts to Sistan-o Baluchestan, South Khorasan and Khorasan-e Razavi provinces is the hugest investment in an infrastructure water project of the country, after whose inauguration some 12 million Iranians in those provinces will be benefitted in industrial and every other water service fields from it.

The macro-scale project’s major private firm is Tabesh Company, comprised of nine holding firms from across Iran, based on around 2.5-billion-euro investment, and once completed after eight years of hard work sweet water will be transferred from Chabahar to Mashhad and every large and small city between those two cities.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) for transferring water from the southeast to the northeast parts of Iran was signed by the deputy energy minister and governors-general of the time of those four provinces in Aug, 2019.

The water transfer project from Chabahar coasts to eastern Iranian provinces too was commissioned to Khorasan-e Razavi Water Company and after completing the engineering studies of the project Tabesh Company was chosen to implement it in an eight-year span of time.

Chabahar coasts are now the site for the implementation phase of this macro-scale national project that will soon be the means for transferring water to three of Iran’s eastern provinces.

Khorasan-e Razavi is one of the most critical drought-stricken Iranian provinces, whose underground water resources have dropped drastically and is in need of an annual 20 million cubic meters of additional water.

*** Distribution of 750mn cubic meters of water in Iran’s eastern provinces
The managing director of Khorasan-e Razavi Water Company told IRNA that implementing this water transfer project from Chabahar coasts to three eastern Iranian provinces is a great leap ahead in the country’s water industry that will boost four provinces’ economies, create thousands of new jobs, and provide a long-lasting, and we can even say permanent water resources for those provinces.

Mohammad Alaie added that solving the problem of water shortage for drinking and needed water for industrial purposes is among the major objectives of this national project and once completed the project is capable of providing 750 million cubic meters of water for three, and we can even say four the Iranian drought-stricken provinces, including the Sistan-o Baluchestan province itself.

He said that 12 million people in those four provinces will be benefited from this project and new jobs for 10,000 people will be created once the project will be completed and

put to use.


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