In memory of legendary Morteza Hannaneh, great Iranian music composer and researcher

Tehran, March 1, IRNA – Morteza Hannaneh was one of the Iranian composers and music researchers, who could introduce orchestration know-how and its importance in melody to audience and listeners.

Music is one of the artistic phenomena of human communities, which has a significant impact on the life of human beings.

Hannaneh believed, “If we want to listen to the Iranian music in terms of its theoretic and old-style, we can find some examples of it in northern Africa (Tunisia, Morocco), southern Spain and in particular Turkey.”

“The fact is that we taught music to the whole world, but we forgot it ourselves,” he regretted, adding, “The music should not be only pleasant for our ears. Art is what needs pain and hard work, which should be learned at least in 10 years.”

Morteza Hannaneh was born on March 1, 1923, in Tehran and loved music when he was a child. He used to create instruments to produce interesting sounds.

Hannaneh spent four years at the Tehran Conservatory of Music under the supervision of Gholam-Hossein Minbashi to learn theoretical and practical principles of Western music Simultaneously, he learned flute playing under Peter Dolgov. The music center employed 10 musicians from Czechoslovakia to train art students. Hannaneh learned horn playing under Rudolf Orbantz.

In 1953, he played symphony orchestra during the millennium celebration of Ibn Sina (Iranian scientist), which was interesting in the eyes of the then Italian ambassador; so, Morteza was sent to the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music for extra studies. After graduation, he came back to Iran and started work as a teacher of orchestration and horn playing classroom at the Tehran Conservatory of Music.

In addition to teaching orchestration, he was a member of the high council of music at Radio Iran, establishing the Farabi radio symphonic orchestra of Iran at that time.

The renowned musician headed a series of training programs on Iranian music at the National Radio and Television of Iran. Based on his cinematic experiences from courses in Italy, he created unique music for documentaries. He composed soundtracks of Hezardastan TV series, Fleeing the Trap and so on.

The great researcher also studied the relationship between different Iranian music instruments and their structures. He reviewed old texts to find out the roots of words applied in Iranian music and tried to discover articulation of Iranian music instruments. Hannaneh compared Greek music with the Iranian one, which was published in a book named Lost Steps.

After suffering from cancer, Morteza Hannaneh passed away on October 17, 1989.


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