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Iran, or NATO; which one disturbs regional security?

Tehran, Feb 27, IRNA – Secretary-General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg who has recently "got worried" about Iran’s actions in the Mideast region ignores the fact that NATO’s US-led acts at least during the past 20 years including the occupation of Iraq and warmongering acts in Afghanistan have been the main causes for regional insecurity.

According to IRNA, Mr. Stoltenberg who made the comments in an interview with the American CNN network on Feb 23, referred to Iran’s regional acts, including the deceasing trend of its Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) commitments, argued that Iran’s moves have increased worries both for NATO and for its regional allies.

He, meanwhile, made new claims on Iran’s defense and military capabilities, without mentioning Israel’s nuclear threat for the region and world, and the military capabilities of other regional counties, arguing that Iran’s nuclear and missile programs are worrying both for NATO and for the world.

The NATO chief further said that making prejudgments about Iran’s often-emphasized “peaceful nuclear program” that according to him can together with the county’s defensive missiles lead to the fatal combination of nuclear warheads is the greatest international concern because it ignores the Iranian leader’s emphasis on religious ban for nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

According to numerous International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports, Iran’s nuclear activities have always been peaceful and the entire nuclear facilities of the country have been under close scrutiny of IAEA inspectors. Therefore, such claims are quite baseless and in line with propagations of Iran’s enemies, especially Israel.

In fact, Mr. Stoltenberg’s claims are the exact repetition of the hollow propaganda by the Zionist regime and their American allies, while Israel is the only country in the region that possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads and yet finding faults with others as covering veil on its own criminal acts against most regional countries.

***Yielding to Iran’s role as a regional power hard for West

NATO secretary general’s remarks reveal what the West expects from Iran, a major regional country, to ignore the developments in its vicinity and just remain a silent observer of their decisions for its neighbors, and most probably, also for Iran.

Therefore, according to Stoltenberg, Iran’s fortification of its defense capabilities, including mainly locally manufactured missiles, aimed at defending its own nation against the countless Western threats, including the Takfirist terrorist, Israel, and other antagonist countries is a wrong move that has caused worries for NATO and regional countries.

***NATO, an occupier force that intends to remain eternally
Before making such meaningless claims the NATO sec gen had better first answer the question: Under the current conditions that the former East bloc no longer exist, and the founding members of NATO had clearly announced that its establishment is aimed at countering the East bloc threats, what is the practical use of NATO?

Is Mr. Stoltenberg not making such phony claims to justify the huge budget allocated to NATO by its member countries?
Obviously, one of the ways for justifying NATO’s existence is making wars and disputes in various parts of the world and dispatching troops to those regions. That is how the Western coalition forces, led by America has always justified its long presence in Afghanistan and then in Iraq. But insecurity and aggressive moves of the terrosits have always prevailed in both countries.

It looks as if whenever NATO enters a country and occupies it, its first mission is draining its resources and facilities, and until that mission is not accomplished there is no exit possibility for the NATO troops. Presently 20 years have passed since the entry of the US and NATO forces to Afghanistan, but that country is still burning in fire of war and terrorism.

The top NATO officials have already claimed, especially since 2014 when it was scheduled to leave Afghanistan, that they are there to train the Afghan security forces.

According to Stoltenberg there are now 10,000 NATO personnel in Afghanistan, who are not intending to leave.

He says it is still too early to decide about the departure of those troops from that country.

When former US President Donald Trump had said it is time to pull the US troops out of Afghanistan, he ridiculed him, saying, “We have all entered Afghanistan together and will all leave it together. So decisions on exit must be made together, not unilaterally.”


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