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Judiciary chief: US, Western Govts violated Human Rights in Iran-Iraq war

Tehran, Feb 23, IRNA – Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi said on Tuesday that Iran must reveal to the world that how the US and the Western governments violated Human Rights during the 8-year imposed war to achieve their evil wishes.

In a conference on legal and international claims on the Holy Defense (8-year Iran-Iraq war) said that human community must have power of reason and analysis in order that the dominant system cannot pursue its own interest in the name of supporting people.

He underlined that the Holy Defense, Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation’s struggle must be depicted and introduced to the world and generations, because the modern ignorance doesn’t want our youth, students and seminary scholars to have analytical power; they want to be the only narrator of history.

Noting that the role of Saddam Hussein’s accomplices during the 8-year war should be explained, he stressed that the list of political, armed and financial assistance given to Saddam by the Western Governments.

If an indictment is to be brought and all crimes by US and other Western states like Germany and France be listed, that would a thick and lengthy indictment that must be put before international justice, Raisi added.

“The so-called Human Rights advocates and lawyers must visit our war veterans and see how they have been suffering from complications for 30 years and agonies from chemical weapons and nerve agents and their mothers and wives share desperation,” the Judiciary Chief said.

He added that millions of Iranian people damaged by the imposed war must one day go to law before an international court, although today it is not possible because of the dominant system.

The top justice official opined that the media empire of the foes today seeks a modern ignorance that is different from the old ignorance in that is armed with science and technology.

Pointing to the official announcement of assassination of the late General Qassim Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis by the US Government, Raisi called on the lawyers around the world to rise against state terrorism.

He elaborated that the US officials confessed that ISIS was created by the US and the Zionist Regime; however, those who rose to fight ISIS were assassinated by the former US administration.


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